Beware, This Overseas Typical Food Makes Allergies Little Relapse

Holiday season has arrived and most families may have planned a variety of fun activities. Vacationing abroad may be the choice of Mother. But, if you want to go abroad with the Small who have allergies , Mother need to be careful.
Before leaving, Mother needs to recognize the typical country food type of destination that has the potential to make a relapse. Here are some typical foreign food that you need to be aware of:

1. Sushi from Japan

When the Little have allergies to seafood, Mother need to be careful when giving one of the typical Japanese food, namely sushi . The reason, most of the ingredients to make sushi is a product of seafood, such as tuna and salmon.

2. Lasagna from Italy

Quite a lot of Italian specialties that are already worldwide. If the child has a condition of lactose intolerance or milk allergy, Italian specialties such as pizza and lasagne containing abundant cheese (which is one of the dairy products) should be aware, because it can cause allergy symptoms for the Small. 

3. Bibimbap from South Korea

South Korean food is starting to have many fans. Bibimbap is one that is quite famous, even among the people of Indonesia. Bibimbap a bowl of white rice with side dishes (such as meat and eggs), vegetables, and gochujang sauce . Little One who is allergic to eggs should avoid this one meal.

4. Tom Yam rug Thailand

This Thousand Pagoda Country has a variety of culinary and street food ( unique food ) is a favorite of tourists, one of which is tom yam . Tom yam is a typical Thai soup made of shrimp and vegetable mixture. Mother should look for alternative food if the Small allergy to shrimp.

5. Kebabs from Turkey

Turkey offers a number of interesting sights and specialties, one of which is a kebab. Kebabs are grilled meat served with vegetables and a mixture of yogurt or mayonnaise. Mother needs to be alert before giving kebabs to the little one who is allergic to eggs and milk.

Allergies should not be an obstacle to a vacation. By recognizing different types of foreign food first, Mother can still enjoy the holiday with the allergic Little.

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