3 Absurable Morning Sickness Absences

Pregnancy is a very eagerly anticipated by a couple who just got married. Pregnant women experience morning sickness is common. Usually, the couple then find information about the prohibition that should not be done during morning sickness . Of course, the goal is to get a healthy pregnancy and a healthy fetus as well.

The wide variety of information in the community makes you need to choose which information is trustworthy and which one you should not trust. Here are taboos for morning sickness that you can ignore:

1. Do not eat pineapple during pregnancy young

In fact : Pineapple is a fruit crop of shrubs and has the scientific name Ananas comosus . Pineapple contains calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. But there is one enzyme content in pineapple which is considered dangerous for pregnant women, namely bromelain.

Bromelain is considered a person can increase uterine contractions that can lead to miscarriage if taken by pregnant women. However, there is no research that suggests that bromelain can lead to miscarriage in pregnant women. But indeed if consumed in excess can lead to bleeding.

So if your pregnancy is healthy, there is no history of bleeding and only consume pineapple in small amounts, then it does not matter to you if you want to consume pineapple during pregnancy young.

2. Drinking ice can make a big fetus in the womb

The fact : Drinking ice will not make the fetus big. There is no relationship between the two. Large fetus is associated with diabetes mellitus in the mother, so the fetus will grow larger than normal.

3. Mothers eat lots of vegetables if you want a girl, and eat meat if you want a boy

The facts : Scientifically men have sex chromosomes of type X and Y. While women have two sex chromosomes the same X and X. So when having sex, sperm X that fertilizes the egg, then there is a meeting of chromosomes X and X, so obtained baby girl.

Meanwhile, if the sperm Y that fertilizes the eggs then there was a meeting between X and Y chromosomes to get a baby boy.

So the determination of sex can not be done by yourself by eating vegetables or meat. The determination of sex is determined from the meeting of the X and Y chromosomes on the sperm to the fertilized egg.

Then, what should you do to get a healthy pregnancy?
  • Eat a balanced nutritious diet. Pregnant women need more calories than people who are not pregnant. So consume enough carbohydrates during pregnancy. Fill with folic acid, calcium and other vitamins for healthy mother and fetus until delivery.
  • Control regularly according to the schedule given by the doctor.
  • Physical activity to facilitate the birth process and maintain the stamina of the mother.

Morning sickness during pregnancy is common in women who are pregnant. With so much information circulating in the community, there are also a number of myths containing prohibitions. So you do not get stuck on a number of taboos that can harm your health, then you must be keen to choose information. Consult your pregnancy to the doctor for the right guidance, so that you and the fetus in the womb are always healthy.

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