4 Good and Healthy Ways to Drink Coffee

Some people are inseparable from coffee . Upon waking up, the first thing to look for is coffee. At work, drink companion any coffee, so more spirit. Unfortunately, not many people know (or care) about how to drink good and healthy coffee. As a result a number of health problems came, unnoticed.
Yes, coffee has a variety of benefits to the body if consumed appropriately. One of its uses is to provide health stimulant for heart organ, as explained by dr. Rio Aditya.

"Consumption of coffee can reduce mortality from heart disease. This is supported by research from the American Heart Association. In the study revealed that the consumption of coffee between 1-2 cups a day is not harmful to the heart, "said dr. Rio.

In addition to good heart health, coffee also supplies a significant dose of antioxidants and ward off other diseases, including diabetes, Parkinson's and some cancers. Then, how the right way to all the goodness of coffee can be felt by the body?

Reported by TIME, consider the following healthy ways of drinking coffee:

1. Drink water before drinking coffee

Many people start the day with coffee instead of water first. This is not recommended at all. Why? Research shows that caffeine is diuretic alias triggering fluid loss. So get used to drinking water first. Based on the recommendation, you should drink at least eight glasses of water every day to avoid dehydration.

2. Limit the addition of all kinds of artificial sweeteners

Research shows that artificial sweeteners such as white sugar, milk and cream can increase the risk of various diseases. Starting from obesity, heart disease to diabetes. If you are a fan of any kind of artificial sweetener, try to be reduced while drinking coffee.

3. Replace with natural sweetener

One powerful trick to reduce artificial sweetener intake is to replace it with more natural ones such as cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves. In addition to adding flavor and aroma, these spices can increase intake of antioxidants.

4. Take a nap before drinking coffee

When you have a cup of coffee before nap 20-30 minutes, you may wake up feeling fresher. Do it during the day, for example when you're on a break from work or whatever your activities. Instead, stop the consumption of coffee since 6 hours before bed. Let your body completely rest from any energy-generating intake, one of which is coffee.

The myriad benefits and limitations of coffee consumption

There's more coffee for your body. Research in America and Sweden found that the risk of stroke in elderly people who consume more than one cup of coffee a day, can be reduced by 20-25 percent.

Other studies show, coffee consumption provides a protective effect against Parkinson's disease, type 2 diabetes, and liver disease, including liver cancer.

In fact, a study at Harvard in 2013 showed that coffee intake may lower the risk of suicide. Consumption of coffee as much as 2-3 cups a day can reduce the risk of suicide by 45 percent. Caffeine in coffee is believed to act as a stimulant that can improve mood one's .

Of all the benefits of coffee presented, it can be concluded that this drink is actually able to improve health and prolong one's life. However, it should be consumed properly and should not be excessive.

According to experts, consuming caffeine as much as 200-300 mg per day, or equivalent to 2-4 cups of coffee per day, is a safe limit that can be tolerated by healthy adults.

Coffee has become a beverage that is cultured and liked by many people. Even more fun, the benefits were a lot for the health of the body. Well, these benefits will be more optimal if you know how to drink a good and healthy coffee . So, how many cups do you drink today? 

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