5 Best Cooking Oil for High Cholesterol

In an effort to control high cholesterol in the blood, doctors will never be bored encourage you to avoid fried foods. However, what if fried foods can not be avoided? Or do you really want a fried food? The solution, choose a healthy cooking oil and not trigger high cholesterol levels.
In the search for healthy and proper cooking oil for a diet low in cholesterol, many people rely on olive oil. In fact, there are many types of cooking oil sold in the market, which benefits equivalent, even better, than olive oil.

Choosing oil for frying

The oil used for frying can be sourced from fruits, nuts, seeds, or animal products. Each of course has its own shortcomings and advantages.

All oils are a combination of various fatty acids, but have more or less the same calories per serving, about 102-104 calories. It is important to consider the amount of healthy fat or unsaturated fats in the oil. Because this can affect cholesterol levels when oil is consumed through food.

All types of oil derived from animal products contain more saturated fat and cholesterol. Not only animal oil, some types of tropical vegetable oils like palm oil also contain saturated fat. In fact, a diet low in cholesterol means choosing a high oil of unsaturated fats which is a healthy fat.

Cooking oil that you should avoid because it is not healthy for high cholesterol include:
  • Butter and cream cheese
  • Animal fat
  • Coconut oil and palm oil
Cooking oil is cholesterol friendly

In choosing a healthy cooking oil, choose high-omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats, to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL). In addition to good for cholesterol , omega-3 and monounsaturated fats also contain antioxidants that can help relieve inflammation and prevent the formation of plaque in the blood vessels.

Remember also that each type of cooking oil has a different smoke point . Smoke point is the lowest temperature point of the heated oil until it first produces smoke. By the time this smoke point is reached, the fat in the cooking oil will decompose into glycerol and free fatty acids, thus affecting the taste and of course the quality of the oil and cooked food.

Choose oil with a higher smoke point for frying, so you can cook at the right temperature and food can be cooked faster and absorb less oil in the process.

Then, what kind of healthy oil that you can choose to fry?

1. Canola oil

Canola oil has a neutral taste and a high smoke point , making it suitable for sauteing and grilling. Although canola oil contains fewer antioxidants than olive oil, this oil contains alpha-linoleic acid, a type of omega-3 which also has many benefits, especially for heart health.

2. Avocado Oil

Although rarely heard, avocado oil is a healthy oil because it is rich in monounsaturated fats. Avocado oil is also rich in various nutrients, such as healthy fats, potassium, vitamin E, and powerful antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin . Avocado oil also has a smoke point that is high, suitable for sauteing and frying.

3. Almon oil

Almond oil is one of the oil with a very high smoke point , so it fits to fry. Almond oil is also suitable for processing desserts, such as substitute whipped cream, but healthier.

4. Grapeseed oil

Grape seed oil, or often also referred to as grapeseed oil, has a mild nuts taste that can at once be an added flavor to your cooking. This oil also has a smoke point that is high enough, so it is suitable for grilling, or as a salad dressing and mayonnaise.

5. Walnut oil

Walnuts are known as one of the healthy and rich nut of omega-3. With a smoke point that is not too high, walnut oil can be used to roast or sauté over low heat, or as a flavor enhancer in salads and other dishes.

In cooking, make sure you always use the best, fresh, and healthy ingredients to ensure the health of yourself and your family. For matters of frying, choose healthy cooking oil so as not to cause high cholesterol like the five types of oils mentioned above. Happy cooking!

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