5 Mandatory Immunizations Before Married

Discuss the matter of wedding preparation , maybe the imagined in your mind is hunting cloth for wedding dress and do food testing for catering guests who come. In fact, there are things that are also important and you must do, namely premarital immunization.
Usually, people feel enough just by doing a health check alone. In fact, couples often skip premarital immunizations.

Questioning about the immunization, dr. Kartika Mayasari advises you to do some immunizations to prevent serious illness. Here are some of them:

1. Tetanus Toxoid (TT)

TT immunization is recommended by the government as a requirement before marriage. By doing this TT immunization, your immune system and your partner against tetanus disease will increase.

Tetanus disease itself should be prevented because it can endanger the health of mother and baby later.

Although TT immunization injections were given when you were small, dr. Kartika explained that the prospective bride who is going to marry is obliged to live it to prevent the occurrence of tetanus neonatorum (tetanus in infant).

Reporting from Babyologist, giving immunization should be done 3 times with a distance of 1 month in every immunization.

2. MMR (Mumps, Measles, Rubella)

This immunization is related to the reproductive health of the married couple and the future of the born child. This immunization aims to prevent the outbreak of measles, rubella, and mumps.

3. Hepatitis B

In general, Hepatitis B immunization is given as a baby. However, it is better for you and your partner to check back immunity against Hepatitis B. Hepatitis B virus is very easy to spread.

This disease can be transmitted easily, not only to the people around you, but also vertically, like the mother of the child. In addition, Babyologist explained that Hepatitis B was easily transmitted through sexual contact.

Therefore, it is mandatory for you to do this premarital immunization to protect yourself, your partner, and future baby candidate.

4. Varicella Zoster

This immunization is useful to protect the mother and fetus in the womb from herpes and chicken pox. So you should not miss this immunization. Do not get when you are married later you have chicken pox before the birth. This can have a negative impact on the baby to be born.

5. HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)

The function of HPV immunization is for the prevention of cervical cancer which is the number one killer of women in Indonesia. Data from WHO states that by 2030 there will be surges of cancer patients in Indonesia up to seven times.

Therefore, the particular prospective bride, in addition to TT immunization, is also obliged to immunize HPV within two to six months before marriage. This time period is required so that your body has time to form antibodies.

Appropriate suggestion from dr. Kartika, the six pre-marriage immunizations above you must do before marriage and you should not miss. This is so that you, your spouse, and prospective baby is protected from various types of dangerous diseases. Read similarly themed articles here .

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