5 Reasons You Need To Brush Teeth Before Sleep

After a day of activities, the first thing you want may go to sleep. Boro-boro brushing teeth , lifting the body to go to the bathroom alone may have been lazy. Are you including that? If it is, it is not too late, to change the habit by taking better care of yourself. Remember that unhealthy teeth can lead to various diseases, ranging from heart disease to lung.
The habit of brushing twice a day has become the norm and it is not without cause. This is the reason why brushing before bed is very important:
  1. Low antibacterial saliva at night causes you to be more susceptible to tooth decaying substances and gum disease. Body activity in self-cleansing by saliva also stops so that bacteria will actively colonize and produce acid.
  2. Fluoride in toothpaste can prevent cavities . In addition, while you sleep late, the time of fluoride attachment to the teeth becomes longer, affecting the restructuring of the teeth. As a result, your teeth become stronger.
  3. Without brushing your teeth before bedtime, the plaque on the teeth will harden to form the tartar causing the problem of bad breath and bleeding gums.
  4. Active substances present in toothpaste and mouthwash may experience better gluing time on the gums. Thus, cell regeneration of the gums may occur better.
  5. The dangerous bacteria present in the oral cavity are anaerobic bacteria, ie bacteria that multiply in the absence of oxygen. Without the active ingredients of toothpaste, these bacteria will take advantage by growing more rapidly as you fall asleep.

Now you already know, is it that brushing your teeth before bedtime is so important? Even experts say that the best time to brush your teeth is before bedtime.

This is because when sleeping, all body activity will decrease, including the production of saliva. The function of this saliva is to protect the teeth from cavities, prevent the development of uncontrolled bacteria, clean up the remains of food, and so forth.

Then imagine if you do not brush your teeth before going to sleep and the production of saliva is reduced? The sticky plaque left on the teeth can not be rinsed and if left behind for a long time, more teeth will suffer from tooth decay.

Meanwhile, the most advisable time to brush your teeth is immediately after drinking or eating something sour. For example, fruit juice, smoothies , vinegar, soda, or wine . Eating something acidic will make the outer layer of your teeth softer and brushing your teeth at this point will damage the tooth surface as well as make it more sensitive. 

Let's get used to brushing your teeth twice a day, after breakfast and before bedtime. In addition to refreshing the mouth, tooth brushing activity also triggers the regeneration of good biofilms on the surface of the teeth so that the gums and teeth become healthy. At night, the active substances present in the toothpaste will also be stored either in the mouth, so the possibility of cavities and other oral problems is very small.

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