5 Serious Disease It Starts from Stomach Pain

Stomach pain is often defined as a sense of cramping or pain that is dull in the abdominal area. Abdominal pain is one of the most common complaints felt by most people.
Discomfort in the abdominal area can occur with a variety of varied symptoms. Complaints of abdominal pain can be caused due to organ disturbances in the stomach, or from the organ outside the abdomen. But both conditions are similar to cause symptoms that are felt in the abdominal area.

Abdominal pain and serious illness

There are times when abdominal pain is a marker of something serious. If abdominal pain appears suddenly and unexpectedly, it should be considered a medical emergency. Especially if the pain is concentrated in a certain abdominal area.

A person who is healthy and suddenly feels a terrible stomachache, can be caused by a blockage, perforation, or torsion of the internal organs in the stomach. Increased gradual pain is usually caused by an inflammatory process, for example in cholecystitis (inflammation of the bile ducts) or acute pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas).

Some serious diseases characterized by abdominal pain, among others:

1. Appendicitis (acute appendicitis)

The inflammation that occurs in the appendix is ​​a finger-like sac and connected to the large intestine. In this disease symptoms of severe pain appear in the lower right abdomen.

Acute appendicitis is often delayed late, so the appendix can rupture and cause severe inflammation throughout the abdomen, called acute peritonitis. This disease is one of the major abdominal diseases that require immediate surgical treatment.

2. Bleeding or perforation of the stomach

Bleeding or perforation (leaking) in the stomach can be caused due to gastritis inflammatory disease that lasts chronic.

Continuous gastric mucosal irritation caused by excessive levels of stomach acid can cause injury to the inner wall of the stomach which, if continuous, can cause stomach wall to leak. The disease also requires immediate surgical treatment.

3. Ectopic pregnancy is disturbed (pregnant outside the womb)

In some cases, pregnancy can occur not in the uterus, but can occur in the external organs of the uterus. This condition can occur for example in the tuba or even can also occur in the abdominal cavity.

Pregnancy outside of this content initially did not cause symptoms. As time passes, pregnancy gets bigger and because it is out of place, the organ that becomes the implantation site can rupture and cause severe bleeding in the abdomen.

The disease also causes severe abdominal pain all of a sudden. If you experience this, you need emergency treatment at the hospital.

4. Ovarian twisted cysts

Ovarian cysts are a disease in which a fluid-filled sac is formed in the ovary. Ovarian cysts grow by getting blood flow around the ovaries.

Although enlarged, ovarian cysts sometimes do not start with symptoms, only cause complaints when the size of the cyst is very large and mengimpit the surrounding organs (eg: bladder and intestine).

But there is an emergency condition in ovarian cyst disease when the cyst stems twisted, and this condition is quite dangerous. The cyst stalk contains a lot of blood flow and serves to feed the cyst. If the cyst is twisted stalk, the cyst will undergo necrosis or tissue death and cause severe pain and inflammation of the stomach general (peritonitis).

5. Urinary tract stones

Urinary tract stones are hard masses formed from crystalline deposits present in the urine. Urinary stones can be sized from as small as sands to as big as grapes.

Most urinary tract stones are formed out together with urine without causing complaints. If kidney stones are large (more than 2-3 mm), then can cause complaints due to blockage of the urinary tract.

Rapid surgical action needs to be done in patients with certain conditions. For example, patients who have only one kidney, patients with severe pain, or the presence of an infected kidney can ultimately lead to death.

Treatment needs to be done

The main treatment of abdominal pain depends on the cause. As a first aid, people with abdominal pain can take paracetamol to relieve pain.

In addition, try to eat in small portions but often, and drink warm water slowly. See your doctor immediately if any of the following occurs:
  • Abdominal pain is so great that it can not move.
  • Accompanied by nausea vomiting until food and drink can not be digested at all.
  • Feces mixed with blood.
  • History occurred in the abdominal collision a few days before the stomach pain.
  • Complaints of abdominal pain that did not go away for more than 2 weeks.
So, do not take for granted when stomach pain comes. Immediately check yourself when experiencing the above conditions. Make sure the cause to be handled appropriately.

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