6 Reasons Why Good Dates to Break the Fast

Fasting and dates become a unity that feels difficult to separate. Every Ramadan, definitely dates milling. Indeed, the fruit of Middle Eastern origin is very fitting serve as a main snack when breaking the fast. In addition to the sweet, unique taste also makes this fruit has many fans. Are you one of them?
Dates are a kind of palm with edible fruit. Although it is not known the origin of the cultivation of dates, but it is predicted to come from the land around the Persian Gulf. The fruit is oval-cylindrical with a length of 3-7 cm, diameter of 2-3 cm and when young bright red to light yellow.

Healthy benefits behind the sweetness of dates

Dates have abundant health benefits. This is expressed by dr. Kartika Mayasari.

"The complete nutritional content of dates makes a lot of people love to eat fruit this one," he said.

No wonder, dates are often identified with all conditions, one of them when going to break the fast. Based on the explanation dr. Kartika, these 6 reasons why a good date to accompany you breaking the fast:

1. Restoring energy

A total of 100 grams of dates contains approximately 277 calories. After consuming this fruit, automatically your energy will also be restored soon.

"For that, the date is very suitable to be consumed as an appetizer when breaking the fast. After a day full of thirst and hunger, this fruit is able to restore your energy, "said dr. Kartika.

2. Easing the bowel movement

Dates are rich in fiber, thus preventing the absorption of bad (LDL) cholesterol in the gut. This fruit is also able to simplify the process of defecation, you know !

When fasting , you do not get any intake for about 12 hours.  Well , the fiber content in dates will make your intestines more comfortable, so that the buildup of dirt can move out more easily. In fact, for those of you who often experience constipation or constipation, dates have a significant effect on preventing and resolving those complaints.

3. Ward off free radicals

Dates contain antioxidant compounds polyphenol flavonoids. The content serves to prevent infection and inflammation in the body due to exposure to free radicals.

4. Strengthen the vision of vision

Dates are a source of vitamin A: it contains 149 IU per 100 g, which is very important for your vision function. With this, your vision function will remain well preserved, although not getting the intake for 12 hours or more during fasting.

5. Lower risk of stroke and coronary heart disease

Dates are very rich in potassium. This substance is an important component of cells and body fluids, which helps regulate heart rate and blood pressure. Thus, dates can protect you from stroke and coronary heart later on.

6. Support the process in the body

Dates have abundant mineral content, such as calcium, manganese, copper and magnesium. Calcium is an essential mineral for bone and tooth growth, and is needed by the body for muscle contraction.

Manganese is used by the body as a cofactor for antioxidant enzymes. Copper is needed for the production of red blood cells. While magnesium is essential for bone growth.

After knowing that dates keep a myriad of benefits above, whether you are interested to eat this fruit to break the fast later? Make sure you keep eating them in a reasonable amount, yes!

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