6 Unnecessary Body Parts Cleaned Often

Not all parts of the body need to be cleaned often. Your point may be good, that is for the body always maintained cleanliness and health. However, too obsessive in cleaning some parts of the body is not good, can even bring up a number of health problems. Reported by various sources, here are six body parts that you do not need to clean often.
1. Nose

Inserting the fingers into the nose can create scratches inside the nose. Blood can come out, and this is a food for germs. Moreover, the hand is one source of disease if not washed properly and regularly. In fact, irritation may increase because of too frequent nasal cleansing.

So, what to do? One of the best ways to clean the nose is by using a nasal spray, or nasal spray. You can get it at the nearest pharmacies.

2. Ear

If after the shower you always clean the ear with a cotton bud , do not continue this habit. The reason, cotton bud instead will shift the dirt further into the ear canal. This can then cause pain as well as hearing loss.

Also note, the ear has its own internal cleaning mechanism. The fat and oil in the ear can trawl all foreign particles in the ear and remove them as ear drops. So the ear shit will fall out by itself.

3. Vagina

Naturally if your vagina has a slight odor. This does not mean your vaginal hygiene is less awake, so it must be cleaned constantly. If your vaginal odor is caused by a bacterial vaginosis infection, rinsing it with soap too often will disrupt the vaginal pH level. As a result, the infection becomes difficult to manage.

Just like the ear, the vagina has its own cleansing mechanism. If you want to clean it, just once a day with regular water. It is not advisable to clean it with a pampering cleansing soap.

4. Hair

Do you always shampoo every time you take a shower ? This is the wrong way to keep hair healthy. In fact, your hair can look more lustrous if it has a little natural oil, and shampooing too often will rob this natural oil. Another reason, you need to give a chance on the scalp to balance itself.

However, for hair with oily scalp, it is advisable to wash it every day. Why? When the production of excess oil, then the more the amount of dirt trapped in the hair. Dirt-dirt can certainly trigger hair damage if not rinsed.

5. Dead skin cells

Too often exfoliate to peel away dead skin cells can have a bad effect on the skin. Even equally dangerous by using the wrong skin product. If done too often, this exfoliation can disarm the skin's natural oil and cause acne.

Dermatologists recommend skin exfoliation only twice a week. You also do not need to rub the skin too hard during exfoliation. Do it as soft as possible to avoid skin irritation.

6. Gut

Ever heard of gut detox? For those who live it, bowel detox is believed to be poured all the dirt and toxins that park in the colon. As a result, with a clean colon, weight can be reduced and the body was healthier. Though the reality is not that simple.

Gastroenterologist Roshini Raj, MD, says that gut detox is a waste of time and money. The body can naturally detoxify itself. Even in the colon, there are actually healthy bacteria that can help kick the disturbing flora. In order for your intestines healthy, better apply a high-fiber diet to help develop good bacteria in it.

Now you already know, the body parts that do not need to be cleaned too often? Your body is actually very smart and able to clean itself. You also do not have to rub the skin out loud while bathing for clean, because this even make the skin is not healthy. So, just relax!

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