9 The Sahur Menus That Make More Longer

Sahur becomes an important meal time when fasting. What you consume will affect your body's energy throughout the day. Therefore, choose the menu that not only delicious but also nutritious meal balanced so you will be full longer.
Reported by Buzzfeed, a nutritionist Nour Zibdeh gives detailed tips on eating at dawn:

● No need to eat much at dawn

Are you the type of person who adheres to eat many sahur, to be full longer? If yes, this seems to be changed. According Zibdeh, you really do not need that much food at dawn.

"There is no definite rule as to how much to consume, because the calorie needs of each person are different. However, most people may need 500-600 calories during dawn, "he said.

After all, your body can only process food once. That is, either eat 400 or 1,000 calories at dawn, the stomach will remain empty after 6-8 hours and the body will return hungry.

● Calculate carbohydrates, proteins, and fats

Ideally, the food on your plate should contain 40-50% carbohydrates, 25-30% protein, and 25-30% fat. Carbohydrates are a good source of energy for your body. Meanwhile, protein and fat will help you stay full longer.

● Drinking enough water

It is important to meet your fluid needs at dawn. The most recommended intake is water, because juice is usually high in sugar so it is not the best choice. Vegetables and fruits that are high in water content-such as watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes, and oranges-are also good for hydration.

Then, what foods can make you saturate longer? Quoted from various sources, here are nine healthy foods that you can choose to eat later:

1. Eggs

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods and very high in protein. Eggs can also be the right choice for you to be full.

2. Avocado

This fruit has "good" fat and high fiber so it is good to lose weight while lowering the rise in blood sugar. Another benefit is the avocado will make you full longer.

3. Almon beans

In addition to delicious, these foods high in vitamin E so it can help lower cholesterol. Another good news, almonds can make a full-length stomach. If there are no almonds, you can choose other beans, such as pistachios , cashews, peanuts, and so on.

4. Greek yoghurt

Greek yogurt has probiotics and protein that will make you full after consuming it. Not only that, these foods are also low in carbohydrates and help dispel thirst.

5. Salmon

This pink fish is second to none in terms of nutrition. Proteins, vitamins, and minerals, all complete in salmon. In addition, salmon also contains omega-3 is good for brain function. 

6. Quinoa

Quinoa is known as a superfood because it is gluten-free, high in protein, and contains all essential amino acids. You can consume it during meal because this food also makes full longer.

7. Oatmeal

Eating oatmeal can also help you full because of high fiber and carbohydrates. You can consume either at dawn or iftar.

8. Installation

You can eat one or two dates to keep blood sugar levels. The most sought after fruit during this fasting month also contains high fiber so it helps you to be satisfied.

9. Red rice

Red rice contains complex carbohydrates, so it takes longer to digest. This of course makes it more durable in your stomach.

Thus nine menu dawn you can consume during fasting. Do not forget also to drink enough water during meal. This will help you hydrate so that your body is more fresh and energized throughout the day.

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