Be Careful, It's Risk of Eyelash Extension!

Extension eyelashes become a trend in itself among women. Beauty clinics and cosmetics manufacturers are currently competing to present a good eyelash extension and qualified to use.

As we have seen before, the eyelash extension is a unit eyelash extension process. The eyelashes used usually have more than one piece in each set or about 3-5 strands.

Similar to hair extensions, the eyelash extension method is also done in the same way. Additional eyelashes will be taped using a special glue to each strand of the original eyelash.

Why do many women do this? According to dr. Astrid Wulan Kusumoastuti , it is done for the sake of aesthetics and look beautiful.

"Of so much cosmetics, the eye is one of the most common parts of the face. The goal is to make the eyes look more expressive and the face looks more fresh. This is what the eyelash extension producers do, "he says.

You may use a variety of beauty modifications such as eyelash extensions. Even so, you must also know all the risks behind the action.

The risk behind the eyelash extension

Quoting from, eyelash extensions have a negative risk to health such as allergies, eye infections and hair around that fall out. The condition has been linked to the eyelash extension process since long ago before this phenomenon became a trend.

The fact has even been studied through a study in 2012 ago. The researchers interviewed 120 women undergoing eyelash extensions and found that nearly 98 percent of them had dry eyes, itching, swelling, burning sensations, and the release of pus.

The College of Optometrists warn that substances used in eyelash glue can irritate and damage the eyes. The condition of alopecia traction, ie hair loss due to too much tension in the hair shaft, can also occur.

Orly Avitzur, medical adviser for also mentioned that the eyelash extension can cause conjunctival inflammation. The condition occurs when the inner membrane covering your eyelid is inflamed.

Tips to prevent the risk of eyelash extension

Nothing can fix this case aside from undoing the intention to perform an eyelash extension. But for those of you who are still curious to do so, there are some tips from eye care practitioners to keep your eyes healthy while doing extensions.

Susan Blakeney, an optometric adviser at the College of Optometrists, advises patients to perform eyelash extensions in reputable places and follow all maintenance instructions. Do not just target cheap price, but it is very important to put your safety first.

Meanwhile, Lee Shettle, an ophthalmologist in Largo, Florida, recommends that patients ask about the type of glue used. This is done to reduce the risk of allergic reactions that will directly affect your eyes.

Meanwhile, dr. Astrid gives an appeal to you who want to make this beauty modification.

"Be a savvy consumer before following the trend. Do not let the intention to beautify themselves even turning harm. Especially if to eliminate your original beauty, "said dr. Astrid.

Eyelash extensions can add to your appeal, but it does save the eye health. If you want to look beautiful, always treat your eye health. But if you still want to undergo an eyelash extension, follow the tips above for the results you get, do not harm your eye health .

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