Beware, Little Bumps Can Be Cancer Symptoms Ewing's sarcoma

recently cyberspace commotion with juvenile cases from the Philippines, Joy Arcilla, who lost his hand because a small bump. Unexpectedly, it turns out the bump is getting bigger from day to day. After diperika by doctors, turned out bumps in the body of this adolescent is a symptom of Ewing's sarcoma cancer .

Get to know Ewing's sarcoma cancer

Ewing's sarcoma cancer is a malignancy that occurs in the bone and surrounding tissues, such as in cartilage or nerves. This type of cancer usually occurs in people aged 6-18 years, though not close the possibility to occur at any age. However, Ewing's sarcoma cancer is a rare case or rarely found. In America, this cancer occurs only in 1 person among 1 million.

Causes and symptoms of Ewing's sarcoma cancer

Until now, the cause of Ewing's sarcoma cancer is still uncertain. The experts also say that environmental factors, genetic, radiation or chemical have no meaningful role in this regard.

On that basis, Ewing's sarcoma cancer becomes a very difficult disease to be detected early on. In fact, the symptoms are not only specific. Some of the symptoms suspected to be associated with Ewing's sarcoma cancer, among them:
  • Bone pain is gradually getting worse
  • Severe bone pain at night
  • Swelling in certain areas
  • Fever
  • Often feel tired and body weak
  • Weight loss without obvious cause
  • Rigid on the part of the body that contained cancer cells
  • Bones are more susceptible to fractures for no apparent reason
  • Road disturbed due to the emergence of complaints of swelling and pain

The limbs most often encountered Ewing's sarcoma cancer, the legs (around the knee), pelvis, arms, ribs and spine.

Treatment of Ewing's sarcoma cancer

The treatment performed for Ewing's sarcoma cancer is with chemotherapy. This action aims to minimize the size of a tumor or cancer lump. After shrinking, the next action is surgery to take the body part that there are cancer cells in it. After that, chemotherapy is re-done to destroy the remaining cancer cells.

In addition to chemotherapy, cancer patients can also perform radiotherapy before and after surgery. Although generally a series of chemotherapy, this action can also be done alone without the process of surgery.

After a series of treatments were performed, The American Cancer Society reported that the cancer survival rate for 5 years was about 70%. However, if the cancer has spread (metastasis), the survival rate to reach 5 years is 15-30%. This is influenced by the diagnosis, the size and location of the tumor formed, previous cancer history as well as the selection or medical action performed by the patient.

Knowing that small bumps can be one of the symptoms of Ewing's sarcoma cancer, you should be more careful. If the appearance of bumps in the body along with some of the above symptoms, do not hesitate to immediately consult a doctor. Do not let cancer gnaw your body!

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