Breath Odor Though Diligent Toothbrush? This is the reason

Toothbrush becomes an activity that should be done by everyone. This is because the positive activity can help maintain cleanliness and oral health, while preventing the occurrence of bad breath . But not infrequently, bad breath still occur despite diligent toothbrush every day. Are you one of the people who experienced this?

Bad breath and the cause

In medical, bad breath is called halitosis. The study says, as many as 50% of the human population in the world experience this condition. It can happen because the oral cavity contains thousands of microorganisms, both beneficial and disadvantageous.

The smell of the mouth itself can occur due to factors from within and from outside. The study says, 90% of cases of bad breath occur due to problems in the oral cavity; 9% as a result of respiratory problems, and 1% as a result of gastrointestinal problems.

If described, the following which fall into the category of causes of bad breath:

1. The tongue is dirty

Just like teeth, dirty tongue can also trigger the incidence of bad breath. This is because the tongue that is not cleaned regularly can be a breeding ground for bad bacteria in the mouth.

2. Perforated teeth and rest of the tooth root

Tooth decay and the rest of the tooth roots are neglected can cause the rest of the food easily involved. If you do not brush your teeth completely thoroughly, the food residue that may be the place where the bacteria grow and develop. In the end, bad breath can no longer be avoided.

3. Gingivitis

Characterized by bleeding gums and coral formation of teeth , it attacks the problem of tooth support (bone and gum). Gingivitis causes the appearance of red and inflamed colored gums. 

The study found, gum sacs that form due to gingivitis can become a nest of bacteria that cause bad breath.

4. Dentures

Fixed or uncontrolled fixed or regular dentures can cause bad breath. This is because the dentures can still be dirty, split or perforated, so if not controlled routinely by the dentist can be a place for germs to nest. In the end, what else could it be if the odor was not coming out of the mouth.

5. Systemic disease

Airway infections, digestive disorders, diabetes, or liver disorders can also cause bad breath. Similarly, the consumption of certain drugs, such as antidepressants and high blood medicine.

Those are some conditions that can cause bad breath even though you have diligent toothbrush. If you feel deeply disturbed by the condition you are experiencing, do not hesitate or embarrassed to seek treatment at your nearest dentist. You do not want to be shunned by people because of the bad smell from the mouth, do not you?

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