Creative Ways to Keep Your Little Mother Eating Fruit

According to some studies, the Little who regularly eat fruit have better digestion and tend to have an ideal body weight. But in fact, according to Basic Health Research 2013 conducted by the Ministry of Health, about 93 percent of Indonesian children eat less fruit. 

Benefits of fruit for the Small

The role of the fruit is very important for the health of the body, because the body can not produce vitamins and minerals themselves. While fruits are one of the best sources of vitamins and minerals. 

Benefits of fruit itself in addition to good for digestion is also good to increase the immune system of children in fighting the disease, as well as reduce the risk of a child suffering from diseases such as obesity and diabetes in the future. 

Most fruits have a sweet and fresh taste, this can actually be an attraction for children to consume them. Mother can choose fruits like apples, bananas, strawberries, pumpkins and peaches . Thus, the Little can benefit from eating fruit.

The Little will have a better digestion, tend to have the ideal body weight, increased endurance in fighting disease, as well as lowering the risk of the Child having diseases such as obesity and diabetes as adults.

Easy way to get your baby eat fruit

Unfortunately, not all children want to eat fruit with gusto. Here the role of parents is very important to invite the Small to want to eat fruit. Here are some creative ways you can do: 

1. Creative in putting the fruit menu into the Little food menu

You can try by inserting the fruit on your favorite little food menu. For example, if Little like pudding, Mother can mix pudding with fruit that is cut into small pieces.  

Serve with color variations

To attract the small to want to eat fruit, Mother can offer fruit snacks with different color variations in the form of finger food . Mother can present a yellow banana, a pink strawberry or a pastel-colored peach in one container.

2. Set up together 

To make the Little more interested, Mother can invite them to make or prepare food together. This activity can stimulate the small curiosity of the taste of fruit flavors and stimulate the creativity of the Small.

Presentation of fruit or fruit pudding can be made with a funny shape, for example the shape of flowers, dolls or cars using fruit prints are now widely circulated in the online shop and easy to use by the Small. 

3. Sports in the form of puree 

This method is one easy trick for the little want to eat fruit, because it does not need to be chewed and can be swallowed. Mother can present in warm or cold form. Presentation of fruit in the form of this puree can be given when the child begins MPASI at the age of 6 months to 8 months.

Puree is a softened food, so it has a fine texture. Almost all foodstuffs can be made puree and safe for consumption for the Small, with the record when processing is kept clean and use foodstuffs that have a healthy nutritional content and nutritious.

4. Presents fruit in the form of soft drinks or ice cream 

Fruits can be given also to the Small in the form of soft drinks, which is a mixture of fruit and yoghurt. The addition of yoghurt can Mother Give to the Small from the age of 9 months. These smoothies can also be made into ice cream.

If you do not want to mix it with yoghurt, Mother can directly make ice cream by mixing fruits that have been frozen, can be apples, bananas, strawberries, pumpkin or peach. 

Creative tips above can begin to be tried so that the Small does not feel forced to eat fruit and later can feel the moment of eating fruit is a fun time. Some of the above can also be aided by additional rules, such as Mother applying the rule " one bite rule ". 

In addition to applying the above things so that your baby will eat fruit , you as a parent should give an example to the child a good eating rules. When meal time comes, show to the Little that parents also regularly eat fruit every day. Good luck, Mother!

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