Dangers Direct Smoking When Breaking Fast

Not coconut ice, not the chicken noodles brother, but a cigarette. That is the real biggest temptation for smokers in this month of Ramadan. No wonder when breaking the fast , they immediately lit a cigarette, and deliciously sucked it deeply. But be careful, yes, the habit of smoking when the iftar can be very dangerous for your body. 
The fasting body needs fluids, glucose, and oxygen to restore stamina. Smoking under these conditions can trigger contractions of blood vessels and prevent the flow of oxygen needed in the body.

"Nicotine and tar in a cigarette can thicken the blood and cause blockage of the arteries, increase blood pressure, and interfere with the heart rate," said Dr. J. Isaac, a respiratory disorder specialist, told Gulf News.

The same thing conveyed by Dr. Riaz Ahmad Minhas, a physician at Emirates Clinic & Laboratories, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. "Smoking after eating dates or drinking a glass of water is something that is very harmful to the body," he said. Therefore, Minhas advised people not to smoke while breaking the fast.

He also said that during Ramadan is an opportunity that should be used as well as possible by the smokers to stop the bad habits. According to him, this is not impossible. "If a person is able to keep himself from smoking for a full day, it means he can succeed and quit the habit forever."

Best meal for breaking fast

Instead of smoking , you better break your fast with a proven intake of healthier for the body. The most common iftar menus are fruits, juices, milk, dates, and water. People believe that the Prophet Muhammad ate three dates when breaking the fast.

It's just that in its development, meal breaking the fast becomes more varied. Each country has its own flagship menu. In Afghanistan, for example, iftar food is usually a soup, curry onions and kebabs. While in Hyderabad, India, people love haleem or oatmeal. In Jakarta, a dish of fried foods and sweet foods like compote, the average to be an option.

Then, if fried healthy if consumed constantly almost every day when breaking the fast? Of course not. Fat in fried foods is high and unhealthy. The result is predictable: You are potentially exposed to high cholesterol and obesity.

In addition, when fasting, your body does not get enough energy and must break the skeletal muscle to then turn it into energy. Therefore, the first meal when the iftar should be healthy and not need to spend a lot of energy to digest.

Instead, choose foods that are easy to digest and provide enough nutrition and energy. "You can break your fast by eating sweet foods, such as dates, sweet tea, or fruit juice. The goal is that the levels of glucose in your body can return to normal levels, "said dr. Karin Wiradarma.

Although sugary foods are recommended for early meal iftar, it does not mean to be consumed as much as possible. If too excessive, you can be at risk of developing obesity and diabetes mellitus. Eat just enough to restore your blood sugar levels.

"After that, you can continue by consuming carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, or corn. For protein, you can choose lean beef, skinless chicken, fish, tofu, and tempeh. Vegetables and fruits also should not be forgotten, "said dr. Karin.

So, obviously not, that breaking the fast with a cigarette is not the right choice. You can choose a variety of healthy food menu that you can eat to break the fast.

Warning about the dangers of smoking may already make your ears saturated. You might just be nodding his head, then back ngebul . But believe me, the health benefits derived from breaking the habit outweigh the momentary pleasure. In this month of Ramadan, try to remove cigarettes from your life, and who knows can continue for the future. So, what are you going to break your fast today?

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