Do It If Your Little Asthma Relapse at Holiday

In the holiday season, vacationing with family to be the right choice to remove fatigue. But if the Mother has a small child with asthma , esktra preparation must be done to anticipate every possibility.

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease that attacks the respiratory tract. Asthma attacks triggered by an allergic agent can cause respiratory problems, such as tightness, coughing, wheezing, and wheezing (wheezing).

Since asthma is a form of allergy, it is important for Mother to find out what is the trigger. This is because asthma triggers can vary, such as dust, animal dander, cold air, or others. This is important to note, especially during holidays. Because the best way to deal with asthma is to avoid the trigger.

Overcoming the Recurring Asthma at Holiday
  1. In accompanying the Little who is asthmatic, especially during the holidays, it is important for Mother to always be ready and alert. Make sure Mother performs this action, when the asthma attack occurs on the Little when the holidays:
  2. Provide asthma relief medication according to dose and doctor's instructions.
  3. Do not lay Little. Position sit, and put his hand on the knee. This position can help to keep the airway small.
  4. Stay calm and take the little one to breathe. This is so that the small breath frequency decreases, thus reducing the risk of fatigue.
  5. If symptoms do not subside within 5-10 minutes, immediately take Little to the nearest health center while continuing to give asthma relief medication every few minutes.

Vacations can remain cheerful by carefully preparing your needs. If your child has certain diseases such as asthma or allergies, make sure the drugs are not left behind. Sufficient also the nutritional needs of the Small, because a good immune system is the initial capital of a healthy body.

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