Does Often Overtime Make Headaches?

Loads of work that accumulate often requires you to spend extra hours in the office alias overtime . If the job makes you frequent overtime, slowly its impact on health can you feel. One of the most common complaints is headaches.
Headache is one of the many complaints felt by adults. World Health Organization (WHO) noted that at least half of the world's adult population has experienced headaches each year. These headaches can be throbbing sensations, such as being stabbed, or like being tied up.

Headaches are often underestimated, in the sense is considered not something serious and can be overcome by taking over-the-counter medication headaches. However, if the headache is often felt or felt intense, of course must be sought out what causes it, because it will be able to interfere with daily activities.

The connection between overtime and headache complaints

Here are some things that can cause you headaches during overtime:

1. Posture when sitting

 Most of the time working in the office requires you to sit down. However, if you sit all day, of course, sitting posture can create pressure, especially in the spine. This can affect the nerves and lead to poor blood circulation. As a result, headaches may occur.

2. Irregular diet

Your metabolism can be disrupted if you do not have a good diet. As a result, this condition can make it difficult to concentrate. Especially if overtime and forced to work longer, this condition can make your blood pressure decreased (low) and cause headaches.

Not to mention, when overtime is not uncommon there is a desire to eat a snack to accompany you at work, and not a few also end up eating fast food for practical reasons and save time. The problem is, if the habit of snacking on this unhealthy food continues, you can get headache quickly, especially you who have a history of migraine.

3. Rarely exercise

Lack of exercise can indeed cause headaches . Exercise can accelerate blood circulation to the brain and reduce tension-type headache (due to stiff and tense muscles). In addition, at the time of exercise occurs expenditure of endorphins that are as painkiller so as to reduce pain. Therefore, people who rarely exercise usually more often experience headache complaints.

4. Effect of air quality

The more soluble you work, the longer you will also settle in one room. Air quality trapped too long is also not good, especially the ventilation system that resulted in the gathering of chemicals from the air conditioner, as well as bacteria, fungi, and other toxic particles. With all of this gathered in the room, then this can have an adverse effect on the health of the body.

5. Lack of sleep

Overtime will definitely change (reduce) your sleeping hours, which in turn can make headaches appear more often. Furthermore, concentration can be reduced.

6. Stress

Work is one of the most common causes of stress. If stress because of work constantly felt, it is not impossible you so often experience headaches. Not to mention if you often work in front of the computer all day, which resulted in eye muscles tired and the effect can be a headache.

Working diligently is good, but it would be better if you can divide the time between work and rest. The goal is to keep the body in good health and avoid various diseases.

7. Caffeine

When overtime, coffee is often used as a mainstay to keep the eyes and spirit awake. Keep in mind that high levels of caffeine in coffee can cause side effects such as tremors. If high caffeine consumption is combined with stress due to work pressure during overtime, other perceived side effects may worsen such as severe headaches.

Working diligently is good, and there is no harm in overtime to complete the work that is pursued by deadlines. However, it would be nice if you can divide the time between work and rest so that the body (and mind) remain in good health. Not only that, still do healthy habits such as a healthy diet with balanced nutrition , avoid unhealthy snacks, limit caffeine consumption, attention to the pattern of sitting, and can manage stress well. If all that followed, surely if later came again time to overtime, you will be free from the threat of headaches!

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