Effective Simple Tips to Overcome Burning Tongue

Have you ever experienced burning tongue ? Yes, drinks or food consumed while still hot can cause this. Similarly, the food has a super spiciness level.
Not a trivial matter, a burning tongue is a case that actually should get right handling right away. This is because these conditions can cause prolonged pain, will also reduce the ability of papil tongue to feel the food or drink that goes into your mouth.

Know the degree of tongue burning

Burns on the tongue can be classified to 3 degrees according to their depth.

● First degree burns

Burns include the outermost layer of the tongue. Symptoms experienced include pain, redness, and swelling of the tongue.

● Second degree burns

This condition makes the tongue feel very painful, because burns include the outer layer and in the tongue. Second-degree burns lead to the formation of small tongues. This condition also makes the tongue appear more red and swollen.

● Third degree burns

Third degree burns on the innermost layer of the tongue. The effect is the tongue will appear white or blackish. Patients can also feel a sense of numbness or severe pain from this degree of burns.

Whatever degree happens, the burning tongue generally causes symptoms of pain, redness, swelling and loss of taste sensation. When the tongue looks red or swollen, the lump on the tongue (papil) will disappear.

It causes the tongue to appear smooth, so the taste bud in the papil tongue will disappear. Taste bud itself is a tongue sensor, which serves to taste alias feel something coming into your mouth.

How to cope with burning tongue

If you have a 2 or 3 degree burning tongue, the best way to deal with a complaint is to immediately take yourself to a doctor. Therefore, the case of burning degrees can cause infection if not treated quickly and precisely.

Meanwhile, if what happens is only a degree burn, you really do not need special handling. This is because the level one burned tongue can heal by itself. However, if you feel greatly disturbed and want to get rid of the condition right away, here are some workable ways:
  • Drink cold water and wash the burning tongue with cold water for a few minutes.
  • Ice suction to relieve pain on the tongue.
  • Avoid warm and hot foods and drinks, as they may irritate burns that already occur.
  • Consumption of honey or sugar to reduce pain in the tongue.
  • Drinking paracetamol or ibuprofen for pain and inflammation complaints may disappear soon.
If with the above steps the condition does not get better or it gets worse, immediately take yourself to see a doctor. Do not neglect let alone think trivial tongue burn, if you do not want to lose the sensation of tasting food or beverages served.

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