Enlarge Penis with Jelqing, Is it Safe?

Although size is not everything, but a lot of men want a bigger penis. In addition to one of the symbols of courage, enlarging penis size is often considered necessary to increase sexual activity satisfaction with couples. One way to enlarge the penis is by jelqing . What is that?

Of the many ways, jelqing re-discussed as one way that is believed to make the penis bigger. Reported from Liputan6.com page, jelqing is a natural penis enlargement in a way like masturbation. Men simply squeeze and caress his penis to "force" blood flow to the tip of the penis.

Techniques believed to originate from the ancient Middle East is also often referred to as milking (red), because it looks like milking cows. Successfully stealing the attention of many men, jelqing revolves around a series of stretching exercises designed to increase the length and thickness of the penis. The practitioners say that you have to wait until the erection to then give massage to the base of the penis.

Some people even claim that this method increases the amount of blood that the penis can accommodate during an erection, thereby increasing the size. So, it can be said that jelqing is a similar bodybuilding exercise for the penis. Although jelqing is predicted as a penis enlargement in a natural way, is it safe for men to do it?

Pros and cons jelqing

Most of the medical community says that there is no evidence that jelqing can actually enlarge the penis . The urologist Jesse N. Mills, is one who disagrees with this way.

"The fundamental mistake in jelqing is a poor understanding of the anatomy of the penis by its supporters. If there is any growth of it, just make the penis in a state of calm to semi-erection, "he said.

Furthermore, Jesse says that jelqing is risky and harmful to the penis. According to him, jelqing takes too much force in very little time to make a change in the penis.

On the other hand, a study says that putting too much pressure can cause vascular damage and erectile dysfunction. In fact, some urologists say that aggressive jelqing can cause a curved penis.

Not only that, jelqing called insecure for men because it can adversely affect the muscles. According to the author of The New Mom's Survival Guide , Jennifer Wider, jelqing can cause pain, irritation, scarring, and can cause blood vessels rupture.

Until now, there is no scientific evidence to show that this penis enlargement technique really can work according to the wishes of the culprit. However, if this technique brings sweetness to the men who practice it, there is likely to be little change and the risk of side effects far outweighs the benefits.

A row of risks enlarging the penis

According to dr. Fiona Amelia, MPH, until now there is no effective way to enlarge the penis, including surgery. In fact, penis enlargement by surgery can be very risky for health.

"The products that promise to enlarge the penis can actually damage the penis itself," he said.

Furthermore, he explained that no scientific research supports the use of nonoperative methods to enlarge the penis, and it is medically not recommended for penis enlargement by surgery for cosmetic reasons only.

"Therefore, you should think carefully before trying any product that he said can enlarge the penis . Instead of getting the desired results, even get the side effects to be impotent, "said dr. Fiona.

Enlarging the penis either by jelqing or other methods can be high risk and the results are not necessarily effective. However, with a healthy life such as maintaining the pattern of food intake and reduce smoking and alcohol, it can facilitate blood flow and increase the vitality of men during sexual activity.

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