Familiarize Children Love Reading, It Benefits

Educate children to love reading very well to be applied from an early age. The time you spend with it can be a very precious moment. You can while reading a fairy tale or a short story in his favorite childhood magazine.
In addition to strengthening the relationship between family members, there are many benefits to be gained from familiarizing children reading from an early age.

There are many studies that show this.

Reading is one of the main skills children need in their academic education. Reading is the key to formal education that will be undertaken by children. The benefits of familiarizing children with reading can vary greatly. Some of these benefits include neurological, educational, psychological, social, and linguistic benefits. Here's the explanation:

1. Neurological benefits

Reading is one activity that supports brain development of children. In the first five years, the child has a much faster learning ability than after. Therefore, when getting the right stimulation, the development of nerve cells in children can be maximal.

When parents read to children or teach children to read, the process has a significant effect on the function and development of the brain.

2. education

Reading is one of the keys to a child's academic success from an early age. In addition, reading habits early on can make children love the activity and accustomed to continue reading until growing up.

Existing research shows that children who are used to reading since childhood have broader general knowledge, better attention, and better concentration skills. Reading habits also make the learning process in children more effective.

3. Psychological benefits

Children who are accustomed to reading from an early age can grow into confident and independent children. Reading habits are also associated with increased sense of discipline and grounding for problem-solving abilities in children.

In addition, existing research also found that children who are accustomed to reading from an early age have good creativity and imagination.

4. Social benefits

The more you read, the more things the child knows. In addition, reading also makes the child grow into a humble and sensitive person to the surrounding environment. It supports children to be social beings who can interact well with the people around them.

5. Linguistic benefits

Children who can read independently have more opportunities to develop their ability to use words. The result? Children can have rich vocabulary, good grammar, writing and spelling skills, and build good verbal and written communication skills.

Children with linguistic skills who are honed from an early age will show excellent performance in school and as adults.

Educating children to read from an early age has many benefits for their development. The earlier the child learns to read , the more knowledge he or she has in the future. Therefore, invite the child to love reading by building ritual read before bed, take him to the library, and so forth.

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