For Women, It's 5 Natural Ways to Lower High Cholesterol

Chicken fried with flour is delicious. Then eat with warm rice. As a snack, sweet martabak with a lot of butter . Well, if you want to lower high cholesterol , people say how is before eating squeeze the oil with a tissue.

In your opinion, how can it be effective? Of course not! The trick will not be useful for lowering cholesterol. If you want more proven tips, here are five things to try:

1. Sports

Yes, hearing the word 'sport' alone is already lazy. But try it first. If you've done it, you can-can be addicted and difficult to stop.

Types of exercise that are useful for heart health are aerobics (walking, jogging, swimming, cycling) and strength training . As much as possible, do aerobics every day. If not yet able, try 30 minutes five times a week. For strength training , apply two to three times a week.

2. Eat half portion vegetables

It seems easy, yes, if you only eat half-portion vegetables. But, meaning half-portion vegetables are eating vegetables that fill half of your meal.

So if you are eating, then half of your dinner plate should be filled with vegetables. These vegetables help reduce the absorption of 'bad' cholesterol in the intestine so as not to enter all into the bloodstream.

3. Drinking water

Must be warm or cold? Actually the same depending on taste. Sometimes warm water makes your stomach more ready to receive food, but of course cold water feels cooler and in some people more appetizing.

The point is to drink water before eating to make the stomach stretched and send signals of satiety to the brain. As a result make you not eat with excessive.

4. Make fruit as a starter

Often the fruit is served as a dessert. However, in fact, these foods can also be consumed at the beginning of the dish to help lower high cholesterol.

Fresh sensation of the fruit as a meal opener, in some people also reduce the appetite for foods that are fried or high in fat. In addition, the fruit at the beginning of the diet also triggers a sense of satisfaction in the brain that prevents a person to eat too much.

5. Consumption of plant foods rich in stanols

As a natural element in grains, vegetables, and wheat, a stanol plant can help reduce 'bad' cholesterol by blocking its absorption in the gut. A total of 2 grams of stanol plant per day can lower 'bad' cholesterol levels up to 10% in 3 months.

You can also buy packaged food products that contain a stanol plant that is now easily found everywhere. Not only good for people with high cholesterol, stanol plant can also be consumed by relatively healthy people. People who are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs can also consume them.

Not difficult to lower high cholesterol as long as there is intention. Because it's useless if you already know the tips, but only applied half-heartedly. You can consult a doctor if necessary, especially if your LDL cholesterol score is very high.

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