Healthy Baby Thanks to Skin to Skin Contact

Being a mother is the most beautiful gift. After childbirth, surely you will make various efforts to make it grow into a healthy baby . Skin to skin contact can be one way you try.
Benefits of skin to skin contact

Reporting from Babyologist, skin to skin contact is a technique to attach the baby by simply wearing a diaper to the mother's chest or father who also shirtless.

Usually, most health facilities will teach mothers to initiate Early Breastfeeding (IMD) once the baby is born. The baby will be laid on the mother's chest and allowed to find her own nipple. In this moment for the first time the mother will feel skin to skin contact .

Speaking of skin to skin contact, dr. Resthie Rachmanta Putri explains the benefits of this technique, for infant intelligence and health:

"The relationship between mother and baby becomes stronger, by doing skin to skin contact. In addition, this method has also been proven by various studies can stimulate the senses of the baby, thus increasing the intelligence as well, "he explained.

Not only that, dr. Resthie also emphasized that this technique is also very effective to boost immunity of the baby so as not easy to get sick. The body becomes warmer because of the mother's embrace. In addition, a good breast milk intake when this technique is done to be the optimal key to your child's growth.

"With all the goodness of skin to skin contact , the baby's brain development can also run optimally, so that the Small will grow into a healthy and intelligent child," he added.

In addition to the above, according to Babyologist, skin to skin contact can also provide the following benefits:
  • Babies become more calm and stop crying.
  • Stabilizes baby's heartbeat.
  • Baby's blood sugar after birth becomes stable.
  • Calming the mother after childbirth.
  • In premature infants, this method plays an important role in stabilizing the baby's body temperature.
This skin to skin contact technique is also part of the mother care kangaroo technique, which is therapy for low weight babies who are considered better than therapy with incubators.

Tips when trying the skin to skin contact technique

If you want to do skin to skin contact technique , dr. Resthie gives you some suggestions to do so that your business can deliver maximum results.

1. Invite your little one to talk

Do it by inviting the Little talk. You can also do it while storytelling or singing nursery rhymes .

2. Give a touch

You can rub the small body while doing skin contact with it. Let him touch the parts on your face.

3. Eye contact

Eye contact with your baby can be used as a communication and approach between you and your baby.

4. Close the Little back

In order not to be cold, the baby's back cap uses a cloth with a material that easily absorbs sweat like cotton. Also provide a head covering and wrapping the feet to warm up his body.

With the benefits of skin to skin contact as described above, you can try this technique yourself at home. Baby healthy, mother would be happy.

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