How Does the Effect of Yanny or Laurel Manipulate Hearing?

Who has listened to the recording of " Yanny or Laurel " sound circulating on the internet? Who do you hear, Yanny or Laurel? Yes, this one phenomenon is so viral and crowded into a citizen debate. Many believe they heard the word "Yanny", but not a few also heard the word "Laurel". In fact, some are hearing other names outside of both names. So curious, how this sound recording can manipulate hearing ?
Viral " Yanny or Laurel " was started by Cloe Feldman, owner of social media account Twitter @CloeCouture who uploaded a 4 second video about the sound recording. By reacting to the warganet, this also triggers the competent to straighten this debate. Starting from specialist audiologists (specialists who handle problems and provide hearing-related care) to professionals in the field of voice equipment sales.

Which one is true? Reported by , whether you hear is the word "Yanny" or "Laurel", there is no right or wrong choice. Both are true because this is just a matter of hearing manipulation only.

An explanation of the "Yanny or Laurel" debate scientifically

According to experts, this viral recording is called low quality. This causes the brain to fill the gap between audible sounds.

Dana Boebinger, as a student of hearing perception from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), provides a scientific explanation of the recording of the viral.

"It's related to the frequency that sounds make into your mind, it can be influenced by several things: headphones / speakers , listening volume, deafness ..." cuitnya on Twitter.

Talking about devices, this also has its own effect on hearing. This fact is explained in full by Chief Scientist Dolby Laboratories, Poppy Crum. " Different speakers or headphones have drastically different frequency responses, for example, laptop speakers have limited low frequencies, which is why one name becomes more audible to the listener," Poppy explained.

The reason for this debate is that one's brain is filled with one thing, while on the other it also contains the other. The ambiguity produces a different sound, it can even change after being listened to several times.

"The reasons for a differential illusion such as a mysterious color dress that had been viral in 2015 ago and this recording is interesting because it shows how the brain combines incoming information with assumptions," says psychology professor Pascal Wallisch of the University of New York, USA.

In order to equate perception, a New York audiologist named Shelley Borgia also listened to this recording. After listening, Shelley gave a logical explanation.

"Yanny may be harder to hear because it's called a hoarse high-speed whisper. High frequency has more treble so it is not as strong as bass, "he explained.

Furthermore, Shelley explains that younger people tend to have better high-frequency hearing . These recordings have several levels of high frequency distortion, so those with better hearing can catch it and will hear "Yanny" instead of "Laurel", or maybe also hear both.

Test the hearing for the better

Shelly tried to analogize that denominator "Laurel" was a man with a strong, low-pitched voice. In contrast to Yanny who sounded taller with a significant treble .

If you listen through headphones , you are more likely to hear "Laurel" because the device usually blocks the sound becomes more ambient. This will give you more bass effects.

Decreased hearing ability also affects this. According to dr. Kartika Mayasari , you can ensure your ear health condition by checking the experts.

"We advise you to consult directly with your doctor, also with an ENT specialist to perform investigations (such as audiometry) if necessary," he said.

" Yanny or Laurel " who manipulates hearing is still busy discussed until now. So what do you hear? Yanny or Laurel? Or even both or both? Whatever it is, if you feel hearing impairment , immediately consult a doctor.

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