How Does Normal Cholesterol Rate in Women?

High cholesterol is still one health problem is not finished. Both men and women , susceptible to high cholesterol. This of course you have to keep early, especially for women.

Many women are at high risk of cholesterol and do not realize it. Surveys by the American Heart Association found that 76 percent of women do not even know the value of their cholesterol. Knowing cholesterol levels in the body and controlling it is very important to prevent various diseases caused by cholesterol, such as heart disease and stroke.

Health certainly is not obtained instantly. Just like building a house, brick by brick, then health is formed from daily habits. You will enjoy the old days with healthy if you pay attention to health since young.

A simple example is how you enjoy food. If you frequently eat foods high in cholesterol, then you come build a plaque on the blood vessels of the heart. This plaque is getting more and more narrow so that it can be completely blocked. Conversely, if your diet is healthy, heart and whole body will be much fitter.

Well, if you feel you have a bad diet like that, or other unhealthy lifestyle, immediately do a medical checkup to check your cholesterol levels.

Normal cholesterol levels in the body

In general, a good total cholesterol level is below 200 mg / dL. However, you can not determine therapy or treatment only from total cholesterol alone. There is more important to note that LDL ( low-density lipoprotein ), or known as "bad" cholesterol.

LDL levels should be below 100 mg / dL. Be careful if LDL levels above 130 mg / dL. Consulting with a doctor is highly recommended because you may actually already need to use drugs and not enough to keep the diet alone.

If your LDL levels above 160 mg / dL, it is one of the serious indicators that should be lowered immediately with the drug. For stroke patients or who have had heart disease, LDL levels are recommended below 70 mg / dL. Of course need a cure for this, not enough with diet and exercise alone.

In addition, you should also pay attention to levels of HDL ( high-density lipoprotein ), known as 'good' cholesterol. In women, HDL levels will tend to be higher than men because of the hormone estrogen. HDL levels should be 50mg / dL or more. Since HDL is a 'good' cholesterol, the levels in the body should remain high.

What about triglycerides or blood fats? It should be kept below 150 mg / dL.

Although about 70% of cholesterol is produced in the liver, the diet continues to affect the levels. Approximately 25% of cholesterol levels are affected by food intake. Avoid eating fatty foods and fried foods. Should also remove animal food products such as meat, because that's the source of cholesterol.

Instead, increase the intake of fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, and wheat-based foods. Foods rich in stanol plant can also help lower cholesterol , even for healthy people or who are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs. Consumption of 1.5 to 2.4 grams of stanol plant per day can lower the 'bad' cholesterol level 7-10% in 3 weeks.

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