How to Eat Good Meat for Patients with Hypertension

For people with high blood hypertension alias, the desire to eat processed meat is often not accomplished. That's because meat is one intake that must be avoided, because it can make blood pressure soaring.
Facts mention, red meat is one intake that plays a role in the spike in blood pressure in the body. So, if hypertensive people eat such foods, it is not impossible that the blood pressure will exceed the limit, even until complications arise at that time.

Therefore, a study published in 2014 suggested hypertensive patients to adopt a vegetarian diet. On this diet, they are required to completely stay away from meat-based intake.

Tips for eating meat for people with hypertension

Patients with hypertension or high blood pressure should limit meat intake. But that does not mean they should really stop to mengosumsi this type of intake. In other words, people with hypertension are still allowed to eat meat. If you are one of those suffering from hypertension, try practicing tips given dr. Nadia Octavia from KlikDokter below:

● Avoid parts that contain fat

Patients with hypertension who want to eat meat must get rid of the fat-containing parts. So, just stay the flesh alone. By eating lean meat, the body will not be conceding cholesterol in excess amount, so the blood pressure in the body also will not jump high.

● Chicken and fish better

Eat chicken or fish, rather than red meat such as beef or pork. This is because chicken and fish contain less cholesterol and saturated fat, so it will not cause a spike in blood pressure when consumed in the right amount.

"In addition, the unsaturated fats contained in fish such as salmon have benefits for the body. Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of blood vessel disease, "said Nadia.

● Bake, steam or boil

Processed meat that would be consumed by hypertensive patients should be processed by means of baked, steamed or boiled. Avoid frying, including processing it by adding fatty ingredients such as oil or coconut milk.

If you choose the roast method, make sure the meat is not at maximum maturity. A postdoctoral researcher in the nutrition department at Harvard, Gang Liu, Ph.D., said that processed roasted meat with a well done maturity level can increase the risk of high blood pressure by 15%.

● Do not add salt-high seasoning

Avoid adding salt or salt-high sauces such as soy sauce or barbeque sauce to the meat dish you just worked. Instead, you can use lemon juice.

● Remember limits

Although processed and presented in the right way, people with hypertension must still limit the intake of meat consumed. In addition to paying attention to the portion that is not excessive, hypertensive patients are also encouraged to not too often consume this type of food.

The delicious way to eat meat can be used as a guide by everyone, unlimited for hypertension or high blood only. So, are you ready to become a carnivore aka meat-eaters again?

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