Know the Signs of Children Affected by the Doctrine of Terrorism

Event terrorism simultaneously attacking a number of points. Starting from Surabaya bombing terror for example, the event is known to involve children. The perpetrators "sacrificed" their children in suicide bombings. Of course the facts of this discovery make the people of shock unbelieving and furious.
On the other hand, these children can not be called full perpetrators. They only become victims of the indoctrination of radicalism perpetrated by parents and people in their neighborhood. This indoctrination of radicalism can then lead children to commit terrorist crimes. A simple example that is still clear in memory is the bomb incident in Surabaya some time ago.

Quoting from, signs of indoctrination of radicalism can be seen. This can be known from the attitude and behavior of different children.

Reject anything other than the doctrine of terrorism

Chairman of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI), Susanto, revealed that children's attitudes and behaviors are reflected while he is in school. It can be seen during the ceremony.

"If the child is exposed to indoctrination, then the child does not want to respect the flag (Merah Putih) .The children also do not want to sing the national anthem of Indonesia Raya," Susanto said in a press conference at KPAI Office, Central Jakarta, recently.

Signs of indoctrination radicalism also seen from the bomber's brain in three churches Surabaya berinisial DS. Father of four children is told not to honor the flag, even reluctant to join the flag ceremony.

"Since he was in high school, the father of the Surabaya bombing team did not want to honor the flag (join the flag ceremony) and sang Indonesia Raya song," KPIA Commissioner for Retno Listyarti said.

At that time, Surabaya church bombing master served as chairman of Rohani Islam (Rohis) at his school. Given this, teacher initiation efforts are needed.

"This incident already 30 years ago means that the school and teachers should be sensitive, but we have to hear what the reason for him to do like that (do not want to respect the flag) whether the reasons lead to indoctrination or not," said Vice Chairman of KPAI, Rita Pranawati .

In essence, a child will feel that the doctrine of terrorism is more correct than the state. They then refuse to understand the rules that should apply because they have been exposed to the wrong doctrine.

Children are not terrorists

Chairman of the Indonesian Child Protection Foundation (LPAI) Seto Mulyadi, or familiarly called Kak Seto, asserted that children are not the perpetrators of terror acts. They need to be protected from the negative view.

Therefore, Kak Seto appealed to be able to change the stigma of children as perpetrators of terror. He mentions that children are victims of their family environment, as events have happened.

"Children are not the perpetrators of terrorism, so in this case it is necessary to get protection, we see that this is very widespread, for example there is the sympathy of children is hero , as little hero who will be followed by other little heroes.Nah this is very dangerous , "he said.

LPAI is committed together with other child protection institutions will continue to provide enlightenment through writing, interviews, and training. This is to prevent the reappearance of children dragged into terror by their parents.

"This is to prevent and as an effort to change the mistaken view that these children are like heroes who will go to heaven and so by becoming a terrorist actor and so on, this is what we will deal with," said Kak Seto.

Education is appropriate for children

Given the recent acts of terror, do not expose children to the doctrine of terrorism. Quoted from the official website of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia, this is the right way to educate children about terrorism.

  • Find out what the child understands . After the child sees information about terrorism, parents must find out what the child understands about the event. Next, briefly discuss what happened, including confirmed facts, and encourage the child to avoid the issue of speculation.
  • Filter information . Now information flows profusely and is very easy to access. To that end, parents should be the filter and limit the child in terms of access to information about terrorism. It's good for children to avoid exposure to television and social media that often display images and horrific scenes for most children, especially for children under 12 years old.
  • Understand the child's character . Each child certainly has a different character. Therefore there is nothing wrong for parents to better understand the character of children so that children do not experience excessive fear. Explain to him that terrorism is very rare, but caution is necessary.
  • Help express feelings . As much as possible help the child to express their feelings. If angry, reveal to the person who is dead, for example to the terrorist. Give the child a sense that the perpetrator of terror is not a particular person, class or religion. It is important to educate children to stay away from prejudices.
  • Doing activities normally . One of the terrorist goals is to cause unrest. If terrorist activities make people restless, then their terrorizing goals have been successful.

In addition to education, do fun family activities together to provide a sense of comfort in children. Also monitor with whom the child mingle or the environment, both at school and outside school. Signs of a child affected by the doctrine of terrorism can be seen, therefore parents should be sensitive. Give her the proper education and affection so that the child grows into an intelligent, cheerful, positive, and confident person.

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