Let's Listen to Music to Overcome Body Lack

You may often see people wearing a headset and listening to music while running or simply standing on a bus to travel to the office in the morning. This is a common thing, because it turns out to listen to music can be a powerful way to overcome the body weak in the morning, to start a day activity.

Music has been shown to improve memory function, help heal against an illness and help your body feel more relaxed. Several studies have shown that music can improve human health and performance.

Research proves

According to Harvard Health Publishing, the entry of music into your ears in the form of sound waves will be collected on the middle ear canal and channeled to the eardrum and cause vibration until it reaches the third bone and connected to the cochlea.

A neurologist named Dr. Oliver Sacks discusses much about the influence of music on the brain in his book Musicophilia. He said music has many aspects to health through the brain, from memory and mood to cardiovascular function and athletic performance of a person.

A 2006 study was conducted on 60 adults with chronic disease. This study found that music can reduce pain, depression and disability in the body of respondents.

Not only that, David M. Greenberg a psychologist at the University of Cambridge, UK, even created a specially designed song list to start a more excited morning. "Some of the songs I have included are Coldplay's Viva La Vida and Money on My Mind from Sam Smith," he told Medical Daily.

Based on his research, the tap on the song Viva La Vida can make a heart rate per minute (BPM) between 100 and 130 that makes you move and meperbaiki mood. This BPM range is ideal for generating a motivational effect to overcome the body weakness.

Asked about this, dr. Nitish Basant Adnani, BMedSc., Of Klikdokter states that the preferred melody is believed to increase the production of dopamine hormones. This hormone plays a role in the brain's pleasure center. "With increasing levels of dopamine, mood will also increase," he explained.

Listen to music while on the move

Your body feels weak when exercising or working in the office? Immediately plug the headset and listen to the music you like. According to the Science of People, listening to music releases endorphins in the brain. Endorphins give you a high sense of joy. In addition, by listening to music anxiety can be overcome and pain in the body can be reduced, because the immune system becomes more stable.

High levels of endorphins can help rhythm and signals to the brain as the body has to move. These signals help you to use energy more efficiently, so listening to music does not quickly make the body tired.

The proof, a study found that cyclists who listen to fast-paced music can pedal harder and bike further. When replaced with slow-moving music, bike stroke also automatically slowed down and decreased heart rate followed by shorter mileage.

So, listening to music is proven to help you overcome the body weak. But dr. Nitish advised, to get maximum benefit, you have to choose music that you like. So what are you waiting for? Let's create your own playlist of songs!

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