Like Coffee, but Easy Stomach Pain? Here's the tip!

Many people mengalalami stomach pain after drinking coffee , and maybe you are one of them. Abdominal pain after drinking coffee occurs because coffee contains several types of substances that can irritate the stomach. That is why drinking too much coffee or too often can trigger stomachache for some people.
Perhaps you think, solving this problem is actually easy, ie by not consuming coffee. However, some people do need coffee to stay awake and stay concentrated while working.

Tips for drinking coffee without stomach ache

Many think that the acid content in coffee is the cause of abdominal pain after drinking coffee. In fact, there are some substances in coffee that can cause stomach pain, including caffeine, catechol, and N-alkanoly-5-hydroxytryptamides.

These substances cause gastric irritation and stimulate the release of stomach acid, thus causing abdominal pain.

How to reduce the possibility of stomachache from drinking coffee? Here are some ways:

1. Choose the "dark roast" coffee beans

The study found that roasted coffee beans longer contain more N-methylpyridinium (NMP). This N-methylpyridinium is a coffee-bearing that has the opposite effect of caffeine and catechol, thus reducing stomach irritation and reducing stomach acid exposure triggered by the substance.

2. Choose low-acid coffee

Some types of coffee such as white coffe contain a lower acid content than regular black coffee. It can also be one way to reduce abdominal pain after consuming coffee.

3. Prefer coffee decaf

Decaf coffee is coffee with low caffeine content but still has the taste of coffee. Regular coffee contains about 85 mg of caffeine per cup, while decaf coffee contains 3-15 mg of caffeine per cup. It has been described above that caffeine can cause stomach irritation. That is why decaf coffee is safer for your stomach.

4. Should select the type of coffee "cold brew"

Type of cold brew coffee has a different way of processing with ordinary coffee. Cold brew coffee is not made with hot water, but with soaking in a long time using regular water / cold. This method makes the content of irritant substances in cold brew is lower than the usual way of brewing, making it more friendly with your stomach.

5. Add the milk in the coffee

Adding milk in coffee can reduce the concentration of caffeine and catechol and reduce the acidity of coffee. Thus, the coffee is lighter for your stomach.

6. Do not miss breakfast

Many who experience abdominal pain in the morning or during the day because only drink coffee as breakfast without starting with eating. In fact, stomach acid is normally produced to digest food.

If you only drink coffee without breakfast, gastric acid expenditure due to coffee

will certainly more easily irritate the stomach. That's why, do not miss breakfast if you drink coffee in the morning.

If you experience abdominal pain after drinking coffee, drink plenty of water to reduce the acid concentration in the stomach. If necessary, you can drink alkaline antacids and can neutralize excess stomach acid from drinking coffee.

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