Myths and Facts about Indigo Children

Indigo children usually have special abilities to see the invisible. This ability is clearly not owned by children his age. Indigo children also usually have above average intelligence.
The term indigo itself comes from Nancy Ann Tappe, an indigo and founder of Corology. Corology is an institution that studies the personality of a person based on the color of the aura .

In a study conducted in 1970, Nancy revealed that every child born in the world has different aura colors. And the color is connected with one's personality.

For children born with the color of the aura of indigo or purplish blue, is called to have special abilities and the sixth sense.

The idea of ​​Tappe is growing and more and more people are interested to understand it. Evidently, the book Understanding Your Life Through Color which was published in 1982 hunted many people. Until in 2002 was held international conference for indigo children for the first time which was attended by 600 people.

To know more about indigo children, here are the myths and facts about indigo children you need to know.

Myth 1: Small children at a certain age can become indigo

Fact : Not all small children - especially toddlers - are indigo children. Because indigo is only accepted by certain children only. In addition, not all small children can also see the things that can not be seen.

Myth 2: All indigo children are sensitive to the invisible

Fact : Not all indigo children are aware of the capacity it has that it has a strong enough natural intuition. That is why sometimes there are people who have the ability as an indigo child only up to a certain age. In fact, if the excess is processed, the ability of indigo children will survive until he grew up.

Myth 3: Indigo children are far from religious

Fact : An indigo child is more religious, though sometimes less noticeable. Because according to them only God is able to understand about the problem. In addition, indigo also becomes religious because of empathy or sympathy when something horrible happens in the past or present.

Myth 4: Strong mentally and physically because it is used to intersect with the supernatural

Fact : Indigo children who are teenagers are vulnerable to disease, one of them is a stress disease. This is because of the high mindset. This stress will cause the heart beats unstable and the stomach also often produce acid.

Myth 5: Always be dreaming of the future

Fact : This ability actually comes from brain power that is able to work more than humans in general. That is why they are endowed with capabilities like telepathy, can see the future, and master a language without the need to learn long.

Myth 6: Indigo children tend to be antisocial

Fact : An indigo child actually has a high sense of sympathy because it can see or feel directly what is felt by others, even before the incident takes place. At first they will be considered strange and seem annoying, but what it does is a form of embodiment of high sympathy.

Indigo children sometimes can make you as parents feel worried. However, by understanding the facts of the myths that circulate in the community, you can better understand the world of indigo and more know how to behave towards your child.

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