Nose Enlarged While Pregnant, How Can?

"My nose when pregnant (so more) big. My nose has its own bmi. It's amazing, "wrote Chrissy Teigen model on his Twitter account @chrissyteigen on May 1st, 2018.

The singing of John Legendary's wife was instantly excited and responded by women with similar experience. Some say, that means Chrissy will get a baby girl because of her like that. There are also who responded that the nose is still as big as when it was before, not returning to its original form.

Although there is no term in the medical world, "pregnancy nose" is a real condition. According to Angela Wilson-Liverman, associate professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA.

"Hormones during pregnancy, especially estrogen, increase blood flow throughout the body, especially to the mucous membrane of the body," said Liverman, told Today. "So the increase in blood flow can cause swelling in the area, which makes the nose look bigger."

In addition to enlarged nose, there are some other strange things that can happen to the body of a pregnant woman. Anything?

● Breath of "dragon"

Bad breath is common in pregnant women. Due to hormonal changes make the bacteria in the mouth inflamed and excessive, so the smell of the mouth can not be rejected. To prevent it, keep your oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day after breakfast and before bedtime, as well as regular dental check-ups.

● Sound changed

Pregnancy can increase the hormones estrogen and progesterone that will affect almost all parts of the female body, including lung capacity, muscle control, and body fluids. All of these changes then trigger swelling of the vocal cords, so your voice changes-smaller or deeper.

● The legs are enlarged

According to a study from the University of Iowa published in the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitations, the pregnancy of the leg arch will be flat due to the relaxed ligaments in the pelvis as well as weight gain. In fact, about 60 to 70 percent of women in the study, his legs became longer and wider.

● More hair

Hormonal changes in pregnancy can strangle the hair in the head and body. Sometimes also in most non-haired parts, such as the face, chest, abdomen, and arms. However, about three months after delivery, the hairs from the head usually begin to fall. Do not be afraid, this is the way your body returns to normal.

● The vagina changes color

Yes, the color of your vagina may change during pregnancy, as it looks bluish. This is a common condition during pregnancy and is caused by increased blood flow. But do not worry, your vagina will return to its normal color after giving birth.

● Excessive sweating

Many pregnant women complain of excessive sweating. Increased blood pressure and metabolism during pregnancy causes the body to sweat more often. You can even sweat even when you're not active or exercising.

● Itchy stomach

When pregnant, your skin stretches quickly. This is what makes the stomach itchy, as well as the palms of the hands and feet. To relieve an itchy stomach complaints, you should avoid hot water bath and apply a moisturizing cream before drying the body.  

Interesting, huh? Not only the nose can change as you get pregnant, but also other body parts. Generally these changes will disappear soon after childbirth. However, if it is felt more serious and disturbing, please consult your obstetrician for further examination.

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