Often Headaches Suddenly? Alert This Disease

Almost everyone has experienced headaches and most of them must have experienced repeated headaches. Mild headaches can be treated with over-the-counter medications, rest, coffee, or anything that may relieve headaches. However, if the headache is not felt as usual and appears suddenly, this condition may be caused by a serious illness.
Headaches that are unusual and appear suddenly can be caused by more severe health problems such as stroke or blockage in the blood vessels of the brain. However, the headache caused by the newly listed severe conditions is quite rare.

The cause of headaches due to problems in the blood vessels in the brain

The presence of problems in blood vessels in the brain can cause headaches. Causes of the symptoms include:
  1. Abnormalities of venous blood vessels and arterial blood vessels in the brain result in both improperly connected. This condition is known as arteriovenous malformation or AVM. It usually has started there since birth and was only discovered when the symptoms of severe headache appear suddenly.
  2. Non hemorrhagic stroke, when the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain area are blocked by a blood clot. For the record, non-hemorrhagic stroke or ischemic stroke is responsible for 87 percent of total stroke cases.
  3. Bleeding in the brain due to rupture of blood vessels or also called stroke bleeding. Usually, this condition is experienced by people with high blood pressure ( hypertension ) is not controlled. There are two types of strokes, namely stroke and bleeding. Of the two, the bleeding stroke is the most frightening because it has no distinctive symptoms. The attack came suddenly, so it is not impossible someone directly in a coma, or even loss of life.
  4. Other bleeding in the brain due to a collision in the head.
Beware also another cause of sudden headaches

In addition to the problem of blood vessels in the brain, there are several other health problems that can cause sudden headaches that also need to be aware of.
  1. Very high blood pressure.
  2. Brain tumor.
  3. Swelling in the brain due to altitude changes, carbon monoxide poisoning, or it could be due to a collision in the head.
  4. Infections of the brain or lining of the brain. In addition, it can also be caused by the accumulation of pus (abscess) in the brain tissue.
  5. The presence of giant cell arteritis (also known as temporal arteritis or cranial arteritis) is an inflammation of the artery-vessel layer that carries oxygen-rich blood from the heart throughout the body, which most often affects the arteries in the head, especially at the temples.
With so many causes of headaches, this could make you confused when to see a doctor. Simply put, if an extraordinary headache that you have never experienced before and occurs suddenly, immediately seek help to the nearest hospital emergency room. Also, be aware of other symptoms such as sudden vomiting, vision impairment, difficult movement of limbs (especially side of the body), loss of consciousness, and seizures because there may be something serious that requires immediate treatment.

If you do not experience the symptoms mentioned above, think again about the possible causes of sudden headaches. Is your sleep time enough? Are you experiencing a lot of thought or stress? Are headaches suddenly arising from the consumption of caffeinated beverages or salt-and-flavor foods? If one or more of them are true, then you should avoid duku and allow time for the body to get enough rest.

Most of the harmless headaches can disappear by itself by resting. However, you should be alert when the headache you feel suddenly, unusually, and the pain is overwhelming. If this happens, it is better to seek medical help immediately. In addition, it is also important to know if you have risk factors for having a dangerous illness such as hypertension or not, because it is basically very important to prevent than to cure.

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