Open Fasting, More Healthy Drinking Coconut Water or Sweet Tea?

Do not feel, tomorrow has entered the month of fasting ! An intimate and intimate fasting nuance will be experienced in the near future. Not only that, before the hour of breaking the fast of course you will rush to prepare or buy food and drinks to break the fast. Usually, the first hunted most people to quench your thirst is sweet iced tea or coconut water. In between, which one is healthier?

Accrding to dr. Resthie Rachmanta Putri, M.Epid, fasting month of Ramadan gives good benefits for the body, among others:
  • Ideal weight. When fasting, the number of calories that enter into the body is less than that issued. Outside of the fasting month, the average food consumed is over 30 percent of your caloric needs should be. But if you fast, you can reduce the amount you eat by 22 percent. Even then you are still surplus or excess calories about 8 percent more than you need. Can help you lose weight, yes, but fasting is not a shortcut to make you thinner.
  • Lowering blood sugar. Research shows that fasting makes blood sugar levels tend to decrease and more stable. In addition, alias blood sugar hormone insulin also can function more optimally. This means fasting is a good activity for people with diabetes.
  • Prevents high blood. People who practice fasting tend to have stable blood pressure. Thus, heart health in general also gets better.
  • Cholesterol. Fasting makes cholesterol levels (blood fat) decreased, especially total cholesterol and bad cholesterol (LDL). On the contrary, good cholesterol (HDL) is increased.
So many benefits of fasting, but you will not get the benefits optimally if not balanced with a healthy intake. When breaking the fast for example, usually you will immediately grab a cold drink like ice sweet tea or coconut ice. In between the two, then the healthier as a breaking beverage?

The contents behind coconut water and sweet iced tea

Various fast-breaking snacks have their own advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is coconut water .

"Coconut water turns out to contain the electrolytes needed by the body when fasting. After the electrolyte returns as before, your body will feel refreshed again. What you need to consider is the sugar content in coconut water that you buy outside, "said dr. Kartika Mayasari. 

Suggestion dr. Kartika is, if you buy coconut water or coconut ice, ask the seller not to mix coconut water with sugar. If you want a sweet one, ask the seller to just add a little sugar. Basically coconut water already has a natural sweet taste.

Then, what about sweet tea? According to dr. Kartika, the content of caffeine in sweet tea can actually make the body become more dehydrated. Caffeine in this tea has a substance that is diuretic or can trigger you to urinate frequently.

Therefore, when you consume caffeinated beverages, then it will make the body fluids more lost. Based on medical facts, it is not advisable to consume beverages containing caffeinated when breaking the fast.

So how, have you found the right choice to break the fast, drink coconut water or sweet tea ? In conclusion, coconut water with little or no sugar content is better to be a thirst release when breaking the fast. Once satisfied drinking, do not forget to continue with other healthy breaking menu, and not excessive, yes!

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