Open Fasting with Food containing coconut milk, Healthy?

Entering the month of fasting , surely you ask what is a good food menu to break the fast? Surely a rich menu of coconut milk like kolak and various types of ice often decorate the dining table. However, is it healthy to break the fast using various foods bersantan? Let's see the reviews.
Effect of coconut milk on digestion

Food rich in coconut milk is often an option to break the fast. Indonesian people are also fond of eating foods that are spicy and fatty. However, did you know that bersantan food is not recommended to be eaten in large quantities?

Consumption of excessive coconut milk is not recommended because it can cause negative impacts on the body. If coconut milk is consumed in large quantities, it can increase levels of bad cholesterol such as LDL.

Type bersantan food is also actually quite dangerous. Because in addition to causing cholesterol disorders of the body, coconut milk can also cause symptoms of mag. In addition, coconut milk contains saturated and unsaturated fats, sugar, calcium, little protein and other minerals.

These fats can cause some disturbances in a person's stomach. Basically fat takes longer to digest in the stomach. Therefore, the fat content in coconut milk can also aggravate the symptoms of dyspepsia such as nausea, stomach feels bloated and heartburn.

Based on that, then avoid the diet of fat or fat in the stomach empty and breaking fast.

Type of healthy breaking menu

Although sometimes the mouths feel thirsty and the temptation seems tempting, you have to be wiser in choosing fast food breaks . How are healthy eating habits recommended for breaking fast?

● Do not eat too many takjil

Surely you are tempted by the number of choices takjil, is not it? But keep in mind that takjil is not the main food when breaking. Eating various kinds of takjil can make you satiate. In fact, the main food is much more important to support the nutrients and continuity of your fast.

● Provide high fiber foods

Expand eating fruits and vegetables during fasting. The content of vitamins and minerals is mostly found in fruits and vegetables. During fasting, frequent disruption of body fluids, electrolytes and minerals.

Therefore, try to eat fruit and vegetables during meal and breaking the fast. In addition, the fiber content in fruits and vegetables is also useful to facilitate defecation.

● Choose carbohydrate sources wisely

Make no mistake choosing a source of carbohydrates. Choose a good source of carbohydrates to prevent sudden blood sugar spikes. Wheat bread, brown rice or noodles made from wheat are complex carbohydrates that can provide the body of energy, as well as fiber that is good for health.

● Consumption of appropriate protein source

Choose a good source of protein, such as skinless chicken, fish, eggs and nuts. Do not forget to pay attention to how to cook your side dishes.

Avoid fried foods, but cook your food in boiled or baked goods.

So, now you already know that it is not good to eat food bersantan excessively, especially for the iftar menu. Avoid foods with high coconut milk content, and choose a healthier source of food to support your fasting month-long success. Happy fasting!

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