Really Cell Phone Radiation Cause Pregnant Women Miscarried?

Technological developments make the number of mobile users growing. In fact, some people make it a vital requirement in carrying out daily activities. However, rumors that mobile phone radiation was able to make pregnant women miscarried.

Almost every time such sophisticated objects are within your grasp. In one hand, there are various benefits that can be perceived mobile phones, such as where to share information, a medium of entertainment, even a place to shop.

Cell phone radiation and pregnancy

With a variety of reasons above, of course everyone wants to use the phone to get ease in carrying out its activities, not least for pregnant women. However, is the actual use of cell phones safe for pregnancy?

In fact, cell phones can emit electromagnetic waves which are a type of non-ionizing radiation to the environment. A study suggests that pregnancies exposed to radiation can be more at risk of miscarriage.

A study was conducted on 913 pregnant women. These pregnant women are paired with electromagnetic waves for 24 hours.

Then, to ensure the reading of the tracking device is correct, the pregnant women are still interviewed about their daily activities. Its main focus is on activities related to exposure to various equipment that may produce radiation. From these studies found findings of a case of miscarriage occurred in 10.4% of pregnant women, who exposed to electromagnetic waves with the lowest levels.

Whereas, 24.2% of pregnant women exposed to electromagnetic waves with greater levels, the risk of miscarriage increased up to 3 times. With these results, it can be proven that non-ionizing radiation can affect pregnancy.

However, the results of this study have not specifically refer to the electromagnetic or radiation generated by mobile phones. This is because non-ionizing radiation can be generated by wireless networks , microwaves , and some other electronic devices.

In response, researchers from the UC Berkeley public health department who conducted similar research have their own views. It is possible that pregnant women who experience miscarriage have been exposed to radiation from radio frequency as a risk factor of miscarriage.

According to researchers in the obstetrics and gynecology at George Washington University, other external factors should still be considered to influence fertility, reproduction, and miscarriages, such as pollution and exposure to chemicals experienced by a woman.

Quality and damage to tissue in the fetus during pregnancy can be affected by many factors. In general, miscarriage is caused by genetic factors, but external or environmental factors also play an important role and need to be considered, such as smoking history, previous miscarriage, age, and even race factors.

With the lack of research done, it is still too early to conclude that cell phone radiation can directly increase the risk of miscarriage or disruption in the process of pregnancy.

Many researchers have not clearly understood the mechanism by which non-ionization radiation can affect human health. On the other hand, this type of ionizing radiation is more clearly known to affect body cells and increase cancer risk.

Nevertheless, you pregnant women should still try to keep pregnancy with control of pregnancy on a regular basis. Eat nutritious foods, get enough rest, and avoid any factors that can cause miscarriage or endanger pregnancy, including cell phone radiation .

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