Really Vape or Electric Cigarette Cause Wet Lungs?

What is true, electric cigarette or familiar called vape able akibatkan pneumonia? It could have happened. Reported by CNN some time ago, an 18-year-old woman in Pennsylvania, United States, experiencing problems in his lungs due to the use of vape.
Initially, the woman whose name was disguised decided to try electric cigarettes in an effort to calm himself from work density. He bought an electric cigarette at an unusual price.

However, he even had to spend big money because eventually experience health problems. Three weeks after the application, the woman was rushed to the emergency room at the University of Pittsburgh.

Doctors noted that this woman suffered from cough, breathing difficulties that deteriorated from minute to minute, and the pain was piercing on the chest every breath.

When her cough became more frequent, the team of doctors immediately took her to an intensive care unit and administered antibiotic medication. But after that, the condition of the woman actually getting worse.

This young woman was later diagnosed with a respiratory failure that refers to the wet lungs of an electric cigarette. This case study is then outlined in the journal Pediatrics.

The lungs are wet from the electric cigarette vapor

The electric cigarette produces the steam the user breathes and then exhales it in the form of smoke clumps. The vapor liquid contains flavorings, propylene glycol, glycerin and some containing nicotine. Za-substance is what causes the patient is unconscious.

"He can not get enough oxygen into the blood from his lungs, and now requires a mechanical ventilator to breathe until his lungs heal," said Daniel Weiner, a researcher and physician for this woman at the University of Pittsburgh medical center.

Not only the breathing machine, the woman needs a tube on both sides of her chest to drain fluid from the lungs.

Doctors diagnose he exposed to hypersensitivity pneumonitis aka the wet lungs, ie inflammation due to allergic reactions to chemicals or dust.

Dr. Casey Sommerfeld, a doctor in the case, said that chemicals in electrical cigarettes cause lung damage and inflammation. It triggers the woman's immune response to work harder.

In addition to the above medical efforts, these women are also treated with a methylprednisolone infusion , a drug used to treat severe allergic reactions. Now, his condition began to improve after undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Electric cigarettes and the like are also dangerous

Although some people think that electric cigarette is not dangerous, but it is not true. This one type is also able to harm your health with its own negative impact.

Based on the presentation of dr. Andika Widyatama, this 5 hazards you can experience when consuming electric cigarette or vape :

1. Addiction

Vape contains harmful chemicals that can cause adverse effects and addiction to the body. Research proves that teens who try vape have the possibility to also try tobacco cigarettes.

2. Causes heart disease

Although not as much as tobacco cigarettes, nicotine substances contained in vape can still cause interference in arterial blood vessels. This event can affect the work of the heart, and increase the risk of heart disease.

3. Increase the risk of lung disease

The chemicals contained in the vape can cause inflammatory reactions and lung tissue damage. A study suggests that vape may interfere with the lung cell regeneration function, thus becoming more susceptible to certain bacterial infections.

4. Trigger cancer cells

Liquid nicotine along with a propylene glycol solvent, glycerin, and diethyl glycol if heated will produce a nitrosamine substance. This substance can trigger the occurrence of cancer.

5. Harm the people around

Exposure to nicotine in others can be addictive. In children, this can cause brain development disorders. In addition, exposure to nicotine in pregnant women can also affect the health of the fetus in the womb.

Beware of electric cigarettes or vape that can cause the lungs wet. For the sake of a healthier life, avoid smoking both tobacco and electric cigarettes , so that your lung function will remain in top condition, without exposure to smoke.

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