Schizophrenia Does not Mean Crazy

Have you ever seen people " crazy " on the roadside? Yes, they usually look shabby, dressed in rags or even not dressed at all. Although identical to the term "crazy", in fact they do not deserve to be called so. This is because they do not really lose their mind, because the condition can be controlled with treatment. This kind of mental disorder is known as schizophrenia.
Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder, which affects the way people think and behave. This condition also makes pengidapnya have emotional disturbances to the surrounding environment. Schizophrenia is more common in adolescence to adulthood, ie, age 6 to 30 years.

Know the symptoms of schizophrenia

The symptoms or behavior of people with schizophrenia vary greatly. This makes them unable to interact with the surrounding or do activities like people in general.

In general, the following are possible symptoms of schizophrenia:

1. Speech is not clear

People with schizophrenia usually often speak unclear and his words do not make sense. In addition, they are also difficult to communicate with.

2. Hallucinations and delusions

Hallucinations are the occurrence of perception in the conscious state, without any real stimuli to the senses. While delusions are misunderstandings or beliefs, as opposed to reality. A person who is often hallucinating or delusional should be suspected as a person with schizophrenia.

3. Flat emotions

People with schizophrenia usually do not have typical emotions. They tend to have a mood that is flat, so the expression that was issued did not seem to describe anything.

4. Do not know yourself

Patients with schizophrenia do not recognize themselves, family and sometimes create a new identity they believe in. This happens because they tend to hallucinate and elute.

5. Unusual behavior

Schizophrenic patients can behave strangely, have no shame and even harm themselves and the surroundings.

Schizophrenia is not crazy

The "crazy" predicate should not be used for people with schizophrenia. Because the phrase will make people afraid and view people with schizophrenia as a freak who must diajuhi.

In fact, what should be done by the people around him is supporting people with schizophrenia so they want to see a doctor. It aims to recover the disease can be controlled and controlled, so that people can return to live like normal people.

As for the treatment of schizophrenia that must be done by people with this disease. This type of treatment is divided into psychosocial and psychopharmaca.

Psychosocial can help patients improve productivity and quality of life. They can get back to work and interact with the surrounding.
Psychopharmaceuticals  are medicines that are efficacious to the central nervous system, by affecting mental and mental functioning.
The above treatment should be experienced with schizophrenia consistently. It aims to get the results obtained more optimally, so they can immediately return to normal life.

From now on, stop assuming that people with schizophrenia are "crazy" people who should be shunned. Precisely, all you have to do is support and motivate them, to be willing to seek a doctor.

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