Scorpion Poison, Really Useful for Health?

Scorpion venom is becoming a warm discussion among the public. How not, President Jokowi mention that the poison of this animal can be a business opportunity and the profits are fairly seductive.

"Now I want to ask: What is the most expensive commodity in the world? It must be gold, not gold, there is an interesting fact that I get from the info I read," he said.

Jokowi delivered it at the National Development Planning Meeting (Musrembangnas) 2018 last week. He revealed, scorpion poison actually has a price more expensive than gold. Because the price can reach Rp145 billion per liter.

"The most expensive poison of the scorpion, the price is US $ 10.5 million per liter or Rp145 billion per liter, so Mr. Regent, Mr. Mayor, if you want rich looking scorpion poison," he said.

The President said this in a joke format. He said, if the people of Indonesia want to be rich, then selling scorpion poison can be an option.

The statement is said to have raised its own question: from what aspect is the venom of the scorpion capable of being expensive? So, can he really be a medicine or a nutritious herb for health?

The properties of scorpion venom

Jokowi talk about scorpion poison was not a mere joke. Reported by the BBC, the scorpion poison from Central America is said to prove effective in preventing complications.

This fact is evidenced by researchers from the University of Leeds. They found that the toxicity of margatoxin found in the scalp of the bark type has the ability to be 100 times stronger than other compounds to prevent the failure of venous grafts.

The results related to the toxicity of this scorpion venom have been published online in the journal Cardiovascular Research. Chief Researcher David Beech explains how scorpion venom works in the body of heart failure patients.

The toxin works by blocking a potassium ion channel called Kv1.3, a pore in the cell membrane that opens and closes in response to electrical signals and helps the delivery of calcium ions, which take intercellular messages.

Beech continues, that the poison will suppress the natural response of blood vessels to injury, thus keeping blood vessels clean. When looking at how it works, the research team got shocked by this.

Based on the research, scorpion venoms are potent even in small molecular contents. This poison is not lethal to humans, but it has a very painful sting effect that can cause swelling and tingling.

Other studies have also found that scorpion venom can help fight cancer.

Jim Olson for example. This brain cancer specialist doctor has developed a " tumor pain " from a scorpion toxin that successfully identifies brain cancer.

He reengineered specific proteins from scorpions originating from Israel to make them bind to cancer cells. The result, can help in identifying cells in the body.

The future of scorpion venom

The researchers themselves are discussing how to apply the right scorpion venom to the human body. However, they themselves are quite satisfied with the proven studies.

The results look promising, but researchers have not been able to determine whether this approach will benefit patients undergoing bypass surgery . They will see until more research is done on the patient, to establish their long-term effectiveness and safety.

Beech concluded that scorpion venom is a good example of harmful substances that have potential benefits if used appropriately. Moreover, not a few patients who need this scorpion poison when viewed from medical record.

The British Heart Foundation says about 25,000 patients in the UK do coronary artery bypass grafts each year. If the scorpion poison can be applied properly, it is not impossible that the success rate of the operation can increase drastically.

Scorpion venom is often called useful for health. However, it still requires some research to ensure its validity is tested. The scorpion poison discourse that was launched by President Jokowi has become an interesting issue to be observed.

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