The Benefits of Intimate Connect When Pregnant

Intimate or sexual intercourse is a biological need of the continuity of married couples. It can be said, sex is a routine that can affect the dynamics of every couple's household life. In fact, when a wife is pregnant, having sex can still be done.
For those of you who have never had sex during pregnancy or may feel worried and wonder whether sex can harm the condition of pregnancy, in principle this activity is safe to do as long as you have no problems during pregnancy.

The baby in the womb is protected by amnionic fluid present in the uterus, so sexual activity will not affect the baby's development. Having sex during pregnancy can actually provide a series of benefits. Here are some of them.

1. Improve the quality of orgasm

When you have sex, the flow of blood that goes to your reproductive organs will increase, so that of course can improve its functions. In addition, having sex can also improve the quality of orgasm couples. Orgasm can make the body release the hormone endorphins that can make mothers and fetal moods conceived happy and relaxed.

2. Improve fitness

Having sex is proven to improve metabolic processes. As your metabolism increases, more calories are burned. Every minute there are 5 calories burned during intercourse. This can help maintain the fitness of pregnant women who gain weight and feel more difficult to exercise.

3. Strengthen bond ties couples

It is clear that having sex can strengthen the bonding relationship of the couple. In addition to getting biological satisfaction, during intercourse every couple will involve each emotion. In fact, there is a study that states that having sex can also reduce stress for couples. This situation should be created every couple who are waiting for the birth of a candidate baby.

4. Boost the immune system

A study at the University of Wilker, United States, got the findings that someone who had sex 1-2 times each week will improve the immune system than those who do not do it. Other studies also prove that having sex can increase levels of immunoglobulin A that plays an important role in the first layer of defense of the body. Therefore, having sex can certainly help in protecting your health during pregnancy.

5. Helps sleep more soundly

Difficulty sleeping is a common complaint during pregnancy. This is usually caused by several factors, including physical and psychological changes during pregnancy, discomfort due to an increasing stomach, nausea, increased frequency of urination, to leg cramps.

Orgasms that occur during sex can make the body secrete the hormone prolactin, a hormone that can make a person become more calm and relaxed. In the end, it can help the quality of sleep pregnant women become more soundly.

Well, for those of you who have never or feel worried that having sex during pregnancy can endanger pregnancy , now you no longer need to worry. In fact, sex during pregnancy can bring many benefits not only for you, but also for the husband. However, be sure to consult a specialist gynecologist to know your pregnancy condition first. If necessary, consult the right sex position, safe, and comfortable for your pregnancy.

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