The Prince Harry's Strict Diet, Helpful or Dangerous?

Approaching his wedding day with Meghan Markle, Count Harry, who already has an ideal body, feel still have to perfect his body. The way he was going was with a strict diet. One that the Prince avoided this is the intake of carbohydrates.
Actually a diet without carbohydrates has been used by many Indonesian artists. But is this kind of diet really effective for weight loss?

Carbohydrates are a source of energy for the body and consists of two kinds, namely complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates contain fiber that has longer digestibility, thus making full longer. Meanwhile, simple carbohydrates digest faster, so more quickly make hungry again.

From the above explanation can be seen that carbohydrates do not always have a negative impact to the body. Precisely not consuming carbohydrates at all in the long run can cause the following:

Dizziness and brain can not work optimally

People with carbohydrate diets will often feel dizzy. The brain needs carbohydrates to do its work just like our bodies. The carbohydrates will be broken down into glucose and energy.

When the brain does not get carbohydrates as a necessary energy source then the jg brain will not be able to work optimally and force itself to work with less energy. It makes you feel dizzy.

Damage the kidneys

The danger of other carbohydrate diets is that it can damage the kidneys. People who diet without carbohydrates will usually replace carbohydrates by consuming very high protein. With the amount of protein intake into the body, this means it will make the kidneys work harder.

If the diet program is done continuously in a long time, then the higher levels of protein in the body will further aggravate the kidneys work, even can cause damage to kidney function in the body.

Risk of memory loss

Various studies suggest that by eliminating or lowering carbohydrate consumption over long periods of time can cause memory loss or forgetfulness in a person. The lack of carbohydrates means that no other substance can replace the role to help the brain think steadily.

Drowned body

In the short term, this low-carbohydrate diet is quick to lose weight . But the weight removed from the body consists of water and muscle tissue, not the amount of fat that must be reduced.

In fact, the reduced muscle mass is actually harming our bodies. The muscle tissue is actually a body "machine" that actively burns calories even when you are at rest.

The reduced muscle mass will cause a decrease in the number of calories burned. This means a decrease in the number of calories needed to maintain a slim weight.

Worse, this condition will make weight loss becomes more difficult when you stop doing low-carbohydrate diet. Have eaten a little, weight did not come down.

Hard to breathe

Side effects of other low-carb diet are shortness of breath. When the body burns fat and protein for energy, chemical compounds called ketones are secreted through the urine and lungs, causing breathlessness.

A carbohydrate-rich diet just the opposite, raises your serotonin level, a hormone that makes you feel happy.

Bad breath

Under normal circumstances, the body uses glucose or carbohydrates to meet energy needs. In the case of people following a ketogenic diet or a carbohydrate-free diet, the body has to switch to stored fat or fat from food to be converted into energy.

The process of fat metabolism involves the synthesis of energy and produces a by-product in the form of a ketone that causes bad breath.

After reading the dangers of carbohydrate deficiency above, you should be wary of a strict diet program such as carbohydrate diet by Prince Harry. Perform lifestyle and eat regularly with balanced nutrition for ideal weight without having to stop carbohydrate consumption!

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