Tips Successful Diet Fasting and Diet

During the month of fasting , food intake into the body is more controlled by eating at dawn and breaking. Interestingly, many people take advantage of the fasting moments of Ramadan as well as to run the diet. In fact, the diet can be done anytime, not necessarily in the month of Ramadan during fasting. However, some people think by fasting, it will be easier to control yourself against food intake into the body.
Unfortunately, the usual happens instead of losing weight, but just getting better. This can be caused by hungry eyes when buying takjil before breaking the fast. As a result, you consume more calories than usual days.

Fasting while dieting can actually be done. Provided you are able to resist the urge to overeat when breaking. To be able to lose weight quickly, you'll want to pay attention to various tips on diet when fasting.

Diet success when fasting

When running a diet while fasting, the main thing that you must apply is a commitment to continue to run it, so as not to break in the middle of the road. According to dr.Resthie Rachmanta Putri, the principle of weight loss when running a diet when fasting is to reduce calorie intake and increase caloric expenditure.

"In addition to the two things above, a high commitment to melaksakannya also be key to your diet success. Keep doing sports that have been run before fasting to accelerate weight loss, "he explained.

Here is an effort you can do to support the success of the diet when fasting:

1. Reduce carbohydrates

Try to reduce the consumption of foods containing high carbohydrates. Suggestion dr. Resthie, choose wheat bread or potatoes as a variation. No need to worry, to recover energy, the body will usually easily adapt save energy reserves. So, you also remain free from body weakness.

2. Drink plenty of water

Dehydration is a problem that people usually experience when fasting. Overcome by multiply drinking water, especially when breaking fast and dawn. If on a normal day you drink 8 glasses a day, during fasting try to drink 10-12 glasses a day.

3. Do not miss the meal

Eating Sahur can be a key determinant of your diet success when fasting. If you miss the meal, when breaking the fast automatically you will eat the portion takjil excessively, especially those containing sugar. This can thwart your diet .

Therefore, do not miss the meal. Choose a healthy dawn menu. "Always provide fruit at dawn to keep hunger longer. Avoid portions of meal that is too big too, yes, "dr. Resthie added.

4. Take a nap

When you are off from daytime activities, it's good to take the time to sleep at least 30 minutes. In addition to recovering energy, napping can also increase the body's metabolism. Thus, burning fat in the body becomes more leverage.

5. Keep exercising

Exercise is also important to help burn fat in your body. Do light exercise such as jogging for 10 minutes after meal or before breaking the fast.

6. HIndari processed products

This type of food contains trans fat and high saturated fats. It is better you eat the menu that is processed by yourself, so it is guaranteed nutritional intake. Use cooking methods by boiling, steamed or grilled to keep the food healthy.

7. Choose a nutritious menu to break the fast

Frying and ice runs are tempting before the breaking of the fast. But, should avoid the type of menu is fried, too sweet, and too salty. When running a diet, balanced nutrition is mandatory to be met.

Should multiply vegetables and fruit to break the fast. If still hungry, overcome by eating fruit or vegetables. Do not immediately eat big when breaking fast, because it can cause fat accumulation in body.

Running a diet while fasting in Ramadan is not easy to do, but not impossible to try. Do the various tips above so that your diet during fasting can run smoothly and provide satisfactory results.

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