Tips to Keep Children Not Wetting Again Again

If you have children under five, bedwetting is one of the problems experienced by the Small. Bedwetting is very natural and natural when it occurs in children under three years. And the good news, actually the child can be trained to no longer wet the bed, that is by teaching toilet training .

Toilet training is the process of training a child from wetting or urinating in a diaper to urinate in the toilet. Before teaching toilet training , it's best to teach the following simple things to children:
  1. Teach the word to express the urge to urinate, such as "pee", "urine", and so on.
  2. Teach the child to feel whether the diaper is dry or wet.
  3. Teach the child to sit in a potty chair.
Once the child is able to do so, then toilet training begins. The things you can do are:
  • Provide plenty of time at home during the toilet training process . Too much traveling will generally complicate the process of this exercise.
  • Give an example to the Little about things done in the toilet.
  • Create a routine, for example invite the Little sitting in her chair every 2 hours, or after 45 minutes she drank a lot of water.
  • Avoid the use of diapers throughout the day.
  • Give a gift or appreciation to the Little if any progress he achieved.
In addition to doing the things above, there are two things you need to avoid when teaching children to urinate in the toilet, which gives punishment and forcing the child to sit in the chair pee if he did not want it. This can lead to children's reluctance to continue toilet training .

The length of time required until the child successfully toilet training is different. There are children who have been able to do well after being trained for several days, but not infrequently also children need a few months to learn it.

But in general, children who are aged 5 have been able to control the muscles of the bladder so they should not wet anymore. If you have a child who has been aged 5 years and above and still wet , consult a pediatrician immediately, as there may be developmental disorders that occur.

When is Little ready for toilet training?

Children's readiness for urination differs differently. Some children have started to be trained when they are about one year old, but some children just ready when aged two years and over.

In general, children are considered ready for toilet training when it is able to do the following things:
  • Understand simple commands.
  • Can understand your explanation of urination process.
  • Can express the desire to urinate.
  • The diapers can survive dry for at least 2 hours (this indicates that the bladder muscle control is good enough).
  • Begin to take off his own pants.
  • Showing interest with a potty.
In addition to the readiness of the Baby through these signs, pay attention to the situation in the house when it was about to start teaching children to urinate in the toilet. Avoid trained in conditions of many changes that occur in the vicinity, such as when her sister had just been born, just moved house, and so on.

So, are you ready and Little to undergo toilet training ? Practice the ways above so that the child managed to not wet again.

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