When is the Best Time to Sport during the Fasting Month?

During fasting , maybe some of you strongly avoid sports for some reason. Starting from the fear of exhaustion to worry worship fasting becomes void and other considerations. In fact, exercising when fasting actually has more benefits than when exercising without fasting.
The question: during fasting, when is the best time to exercise? Considering you only have breaking time at around 6 pm and dawn around 4 am, then this time should be used as best as possible. There are two choices of time to exercise during fasting, ie after the meal and before breaking when Magrib.

Before discussing more about when to exercise, it's good if you know the benefits of exercise when fasting.

The benefits of exercise when fasting

Actually, by fasting, you train the body to not rely too much on sugar as the main energy source. When fasting, blood sugar levels in the body is lower, so the body must find other sources of energy through fat and protein.

By using fat as the main ingredient, the fat storage in the body will be used and burned to produce energy. Therefore, for those of you who are trying to reduce fat levels in the body, this will be very helpful.

In addition to fat, the body can also take energy from protein reserves in the body. Since protein is the most abundant in muscle, it is no wonder that absent muscle training during fasting will make it shrink rapidly.

Sports after dawn

Make it a chance to fill your body with the right kind of food. In order for the body does not limp when and after exercising, you must choose complex types of carbohydrates. The goal is to have longer sugar absorbed by the body.

Thus, blood sugar levels in the body will remain stable and prevent you from being limp or fainting while exercising.

Sports options made after the meal should not be arbitrary. You should do light exercise such as casual biking, casual jogging, or on foot.

Sport before Magrib

Would you prefer to exercise before sunset or before breaking the fast? If you exercise with such high intensity lifting weights, start exercising at least 1 hour before breaking the fast.

Weight-bearing exercise is done for 30 minutes but with proper technique and intensity is as effective as exercise performed for 1 or even 2 hours. Because high intensity exercise requires a lot of energy, the body must provide a lot of energy supply as well.

Therefore, by exercising 1 hour before breaking, your body will quickly refill the fuel used. Breaking the fast with complex carbohydrates and high-protein foods will make the recovery process and energy storage more effective.

By paying attention to the type of sport, time, and choice of food consumed, then you do not have to worry to exercise during the fasting month . However, you also need to know the physical limitations of yourself. Do not be too push yourself, so your fasting can run smoothly. Good luck!

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