Why When Fasting Should Bathroom No More Than 5 Minutes?

Fasting , especially during hot weather, definitely makes you want to go home and take a long bath. One of the most common complaints during Ramadan is dry skin. This condition occurs because when you fast, the body will lack water intake for more than 12 hours. Especially coupled with the hot weather. As a result, there is dehydration that can affect the dry skin condition. He said, this condition can be more severe if you take a shower more than 5 minutes. What is the relation?
According to dr. Melyawati Hermawan, Sp.KK, bathing activity needs to be considered. Bathing too long or too often can remove natural oils on the skin. The longer the skin contact with water, the water will further dissolve the fat (ie the skin moisture guard) on the skin so that the skin becomes dry.

In addition, pay attention to the water for the bath. If you do not really like a bath with cold water, rinse with warm water. But do not use too much water. Overheating water can make it easier to remove oil from the surface of the skin than warm water. As a result it will quickly make the skin feel dry. As a guide, do not let the water temperature to shower over the heat from your body temperature.

Well, until here it was answered why bathing more than 5 minutes is not recommended, especially for those who do have dry skin problems or dehydration.

Normally, you will lose body fluids between 1000-4500 ml / day through sweat, defecation, and and urination. Therefore, you are advised to drink 8 glasses per day to replace lost body fluids. However, when the fasting month you have to wait time to break the fast to drink water. As a result, not a few people who are dehydrated.

Dehydration conditions that you feel will get worse if you also have a habit of bathing too long with hot water. In addition, the use of soap that does not contain moisturizer can cause dry skin become more severe.

How to prevent dry skin while fasting

Often, many people when fasting only drink a little water both at dawn and break the fast. In fact, the water requirement for the body will be met with a minimum fluid intake of 8 glasses per day. In order not to dry skin while fasting, here are some tips.
  • Enough fluid requirement with 8 glasses of water per day. This amount can be disiasati by eating fruits (apples, watermelons, grapes, melons, etc.) are rich in liquid as well as easily digested or food berkuah. Avoid soft drinks and caffeinated because it is diuretic so that will cause the body's need for water increases.
  • Expand the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables of various colors and variations. The content of vitamins and minerals in it will ensure your skin is always in a state of hydration.
  • Remember, as described above, it is better not to bathe more than 5 minutes with hot water.
  • Choose a moisturized soap. In addition to cleaning up dirt, moisture soap can replace the skin's natural moisturizer lost in the cleaning process.
  • After bathing, use a moisturizer immediately to keep skin hydrated from the inside. Use lotion when the skin still feels damp and cold. This is done to effectively lock the moisture in the skin. In the morning and afternoon, do not forget to use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen with SPF at least 30 so that the skin is protected from damage from ultraviolet rays.
Fasting in Ramadan can be a challenge in keeping skin healthy and well hydrated. In addition to a healthy diet, meet the needs of body fluids, use a moisturizer after bathing, and do not take a shower more than 5 minutes! Not only that, be sure to rest enough so that the skin has time to regenerate.

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