Your Diet Can Affect Brain Size

So far, you certainly have often heard advice on the importance of healthy eating. This is not a mere boasting, nor a cliche of tips. In fact, what you consume can indeed affect brain volume .
A healthy diet is the consumption of foods that contain all the elements of balanced nutrition according to the needs of the body. These include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. In addition, the nutritional source should also be chosen as natural as possible.

Eating unhealthy foods has been linked to many diseases. Excess artificial sweeteners, for example, can make your blood sugar jump dramatically and get diabetes.

Conversely, the right intake will provide benefits for your body. Even based on a study reported by TIME, what you eat can affect brain size.

The healthier the food, the bigger your brain

A new study published in Neurology shows that people who eat healthy foods have a higher chance of having greater brain volume.

Meike Vernooij, a professor of epidemiology and radiology at Erasmus University Medical Center, the Netherlands, wants to see how diet can affect brain size. Together with his team, he conducted a survey of 6 thousand parents in the Netherlands aged 66 years related to what they ate and then analyzed the results of brain scans for 10 years.

As a result, people who eat healthy foods rich in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats from sources such as fish, and low in red meat, show greater brain volume. In addition, people with a healthy diet also have a hippocampus-part of the brain to process larger memories.

Vernooij and his team also analyzed the effects of each food and nutrient. They then found that none of the diet components were individually responsible.

That means, the combined effects of fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, milk and fish contribute to greater brain volume. You can not eat one or more types to get the most out of it. The researchers also found that people who drank less sugary drinks like soda had a larger brain volume.

Pauline Croll, one of the researchers in the study, believes that the findings could lead to new research into how diet can affect brain disorders .

"I think the results of this study open up many chances.Another known that a healthy diet is associated with better brain health.But to really say that a good diet can reduce the risk of dementia, we need more research and longer follow-up, "He said.

How to keep a healthy diet for a good brain in addition to the consumption of the list of foods above? Based on the suggestion dr. Reza Fahlevi from KlikDokter , follow the following tips:

1. Good processing

For food processing, cooking methods steamed, boiled, stir-fry with a little more oil is recommended. Methods of frying, roasting, and burning less recommended. Because in addition to containing a lot of fat, this cooking method also destroys the nutritional value of food due to high heat.

2. Avoid excessive fat consumption

Get rid of offal, fat, brain, food berkuah coconut milk, chicken skin, and egg yolks. These foods are a source of fat causes obesity and cardiovascular disorders. Switch options on lean meats, low-fat milk, soy milk, yogurt, egg whites, and fish as the best source of protein.

3. Avoid excessive spice

Do not add excessive seasonings. For example, an unsafe compound element of monosodium glutamate (MSG) if consumed is too much. Salt intake should also be limited.

4. Stay away from foods made from preservatives

Avoid foods that contain preservatives. Various studies say that the use of preservatives in the long span of time can trigger cancer.

Diet proved to have an impact on the size of your brain. This will then affect your memory, learning process, and mental health. Do your best for yourself by applying a balanced nutritious diet for the health of the brain and body as a whole.

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