5 Foods to Boost the Body's Immune System

Every human being has the immune system , which is the first defense against a variety of harmful germs that enter the body. So, if you do not want to get sick, one way to do is to strengthen the body's immune system.
This is justified by dr. Alvin Nursalim. According to him, the body's immune system is an important thing to be maintained, so that diseases caused by dangerous germ attacks do not occur later.

Food to boost the body's immune system

There are many ways to improve the immune system, one of which is eating the right foods. Reporting from TIME, here are 5 good foods to boost your immune system:

1. Lemon

Lemons are rich in bio-flavonoids that kill cancer-free radicals. This fruit is also high in vitamin C that can meet half of your daily needs. Both combinations of these nutrients proved to repel the disease-causing germs.

You can consume lemon in various ways, for example, squeezed and then mixed with water, and served cold or warm. You can also make the lemon juice as a seasoning food , such as for soup.

2. Call

Apples are rich in fiber, and may help reduce inflammation during infection. The fruit of this one is also able to provide the maximum satiety effect when consumed.

To turn apples into more energyful snacks, consume one slice of apple with a spoonful of peanuts or almond butter. Remember to wash it clean before consuming.

3. Chicken soup

Chicken soup helps to relieve cold symptoms. This is because the warm broth is thought to have the ability to melt the mucus that clumps the nose, so it can be ejected easily.

To be more nutritious and healthy, make sure you have added chicken soup added carrots, onions, and fresh spices during processing. This kind of soup is perfect for consumption when still warm.

4. Garlic

Garlic content is believed to potentially dismiss the enzymes involved in the infection process. In fact, chewing garlic is believed to be able to ward off complaints of "colds".

Not only that, garlic is also known to reduce the risk of stomach cancer, colon and esophagus. In order to increase the taste and benefits, add garlic to herbs, roasted vegetables, or a bowl of wheat.

5. Ginger

Which of these five foods are your favorites? In order to benefit in improving the body's immune system more noticeable, make sure you combine consumption with tips from dr. Alvin the following:

● Regular exercise

By exercising regularly and regularly, the body's immune system will also become stronger. Do sports that become your favorite on a regular basis, to get maximum benefit from this physical activity.

● Avoid stress

Physical and psychological stress (mental) can lead to decreased immune system, so the body is more susceptible to various diseases. According to dr.Alvin, stress is also often associated with increased risk of heart disease. Therefore, you need to manage stress as well as possible.

● Immunization

Immunization is a powerful way of preparing the body's immune system. One of the most common immunization methods is vaccination.

"Vaccinations have been shown to reduce the incidence of various deadly diseases. Various examples of vaccinations available are hepatitis B vaccination, influenza, and typhoid vaccine, "said dr. Alvin.

Well, for your body system to stay optimally, do not let your guard and let harmful germs threaten your health. Increase the body's immune system by eating the food above. Do not forget also to apply any tips on healthy lifestyle above, yes!

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