Fungal Mushroom Infections, Eliminate This Way

Have you been or are currently experiencing a yeast infection in the skin? It is certainly annoying because it interferes with your activities. Plus, this disorder can cause intolerable itching.
Fungal infections occur when a person does not keep his or her body clean. Some symptoms that look obvious, ie itchy, smelly, moist, and skin irritation and redness. Those who are overweight are also at risk for fungal infections.

"Someone who overweight tend to have skin that is easy to moist and sweaty. This damp skin can support the growth of germs and fungi , "said dr. Dyan Mega Inderawati, explaining examples of existing cases.

Fungal infections on the skin that are often experienced are usually in the legs, nails, groin, and back. In addition to excess weight, fungal infections occur in many people who sweat a lot, wear tight clothes and pants layered.

"The groin is easily moist because it is a folded area. There are several factors that affect moisture in the groin area, such as physical activity, frequent sweating, ambient temperature, weight and type of clothing that does not absorb sweat, "said dr. Dyan.

Overcoming fungal infections in the skin

For those of you who have a fungal infection in the skin, do not worry and try to handle it as soon as possible. The longer it stays, the more it can annoy you and hamper the activity.

According to dr. Melyarna Putri, overcoming complaints of fungal infections on the skin can be divided into two ways, namely treatment using drugs and not using drugs.

"Some disorders arising from fungal infections of the skin can be treated with topical or antifungal creams. But in some other disorders, fungal infections of the skin require medication, "he said.

As for the drug cream, dr. Melyarna recommends that you take a yeast infection remedy, such as clotrimazole, ketoconazole, and itraconazole. What you need to consider, the use of these drugs should be in accordance with the dose and advice from the doctor.

In some cases, the use of this antifungal drug requires a dose and a special way of using that takes a long time. Therefore, before using these antifungal drugs, you should visit a doctor for more information.
  • Prevent yeast infections with these tips
  • You can do some of the following tips to prevent yeast infections:
  • Eliminating the trigger factor of infection. For example, for tinea pedis with fungus complaints on the toes, you should keep your feet dry and not moist to avoid recurrence of infection and overcome them. Keep in mind, the trigger factor of every yeast infection varies widely. If you do not know the cause, discuss it with your doctor.
  • Increase body immunity by eating a balanced nutritious diet.
  • Try not to exchange personal items, such as clothing, underwear, and towels.
  • Keep your overall good hygiene, such as bathing at least twice a day with soap.
Any disorder that occurs on the skin will be very good if done by a doctor directly examination. Moreover, fungal infections can resemble many other skin diseases. So if you feel you have a fungal infection of the skin, consult a doctor immediately to be known trigger factors and handled properly.

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