Is it safe to eat Jelly Packaging?

In sufficient nutritional needs for children, all things must be considered, including the subject of choosing snack foods (snacks). If you notice, now more and more snacks of children wrapped up as attractive as possible, one of which is jelly packaging. This food is even given a lot of parents as stock of children at school.
Jelly packaging itself is one of the food interlude that much in demand by the child because of its taste and texture. In addition, the price is cheap and easy to get at the supermarket. Coupled with the lure of ads that declare jelly packaging is a healthy food, making parents do not hesitate to choose this food as a snack of children.

Not surprisingly, some parents even keep a stock of packaged jelly packs at home. So, whether the actual jelly packaging safe for children?

Composition of packing jelly

To assess a healthy food or not, can be seen from the composition of the substances contained in it. In packaged jelly packs contain sugar, sodium (salt), vitamin C, and fiber. Manufacturers often even favor packaging jelly as a distraction for children who do not contain fat or cholesterol.

At first glance, this snack does look healthy. However, there was no mineral content in the packaging jelly . The sugar content in it was quite high, which is 8 grams per serving serving (about 14 grams). Looking at the facts of these nutrients, as a parent you need to consider whether it is necessary to provide jelly packing as a snack for the little one.

Is safe jelly packaging given to the child?

Basically, safe packing jelly is given to children in limited quantities and is not given as a daily distraction. Because, in its infancy, children need a variety of foods to meet the nutritional needs in the body. In addition, the high sugar content in the packaging jelly is also not good for the health of the Small.

Therefore, it is not advisable to provide jelly packs to children every day. You can present fruit, biscuits, pudding or homemade cake as a variation of snacks for children.

Consumption of packed jelly with high sugar content can increase the risk of dentist caries (tartar), obesity, and diabetes mellitus (DM) in children. Not only that, artificial colorings, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives in jelly packaging also need you to calculate. Although the content is still within safe limits, consumption of packaged jelly in large quantities and in the long term is not good for your child's health.

If your child wants a jelly , you can try to make a clearer jelly pudding . By making your own, sugar doses in jelly can you set, so not too sweet.

Jelly packaging is basically safe enough given to children in limited quantities. However, in order for children to be free from dangerous diseases, parents need to provide other types of other nutritious dairy foods such as fruit, oat crackers, fruit pudding, or homemade cakes.

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