Symptoms of Food Poisoning You Need to Know

Food poisoning is a condition where you consume snacks that are not feasible. The causes may vary, from improper processing, past expiration limits to unheated dishes.
Food conditions that are not feasible consumption, usually emit odor to grow mushrooms. Check first what you want to eat to avoid the risk of poisoning.

Based on the explanation dr. Anita Amalia Sari, food poisoning victims will usually feel uncomfortable after some time consuming unhealthy food.

"Food poisoning varies greatly. There is a mild to some that cause dehydration and death threats, "said dr. Anita.

Symptoms of food poisoning

The symptoms of food poisoning have varying degrees of severity, depending on the type of bacteria, viruses and parasites in your body. Reported from various sources, these symptoms include:
  • Rashes or itching of the skin
  • Itching in the mouth area
  • The breath was tight and panting
  • Repeated cough
  • Swelling of the airways and difficulty swallowing
  • Drowned body
  • Dizzy
  • Stomach cramps
  • Vomiting and nausea with diarrhea
Most food poisoning conditions can heal by themselves. But if it happens constantly, many risks that lurk to the end of death, as explained dr. Anita above.

Tips to prevent food poisoning

With a variety of dangers lurking, it is fitting you try to keep themselves and family to not experience food poisoning . Based on the suggestion dr. Anita, follow the smart steps as follows:
  • Hand washing, cooking utensils and food before and after preparing food. Use warm water and special soap dish to wash your cooking and eating utensils.
  • Separate the storage of raw foods with cooked foods to prevent cross-contamination. Cross-contamination can occur when well-processed and properly processed foods are exposed to bacteria or viruses from unhealthy tableware or articles.
  • Check the maturity of the food. Make sure the cooked food is thoroughly cooked throughout.
  • Do not eat. Dispose of food if you are not sure the food is stored and well prepared, it smells unpleasant and the appearance is not convincing.
  • Avoid letting food take too long at room temperature. If you do not want to eat any food, immediately store in the refrigerator. Maximum duration of food at room temperature is 90 minutes.
  • Make sure the refrigerator temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius. Food stored in the refrigerator can last up to 2 days.
  • Separate meat products. Store meat in airtight containers at the bottom of the freezer to avoid contaminating other foods.
By recognizing the symptoms of food poisoning above, you are expected to be more careful in eating foods . When feeling the symptoms as described above, immediately consult yourself to the doctor to get the right treatment.

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